Rainy Saturday, Mimosas and Pastry Loving Birds

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I sleep well and wake up to a very cloudy sky. It is not raining here, but it looks like it is out on the ocean. It also looks like it has rained here. I didn’t hear anything, but the rooms at the Grand are sound proofed very well. When the sliding door is open, you hear the wonderful sounds of the ocean. When they are closed, you don’t hear a thing.


Before I went to sleep last night I put out my request for room service for breakfast and I requested that it be delivered 7:30-8. I wake up at 7:30 and jump up and make myself presentable by putting on a robe and brushing my hair. As I wait I think how awesome it must be for coffee drinkers, having the Nespresso machine. As a tea drinker, I am not going to use it to make tea with the tea bags they have in the room. Then I have the genius thought of getting the good tea bags from the buffet and bringing them to the room. Or, of saving some from room service. I’m so smart.

My room service arrive about 5 minutes after 8 and he apologizes for being late. He asks if he may come into the room. I want to say, well honey, if I don’t let you in the room I either have to haul all this food in by myself, or sit here and eat it on the floor. So, yes, yes you can come into my room.

I have ordered a reasonable amount of food. Waffles and bacon. That’s not too much, right?


I also ordered tea and a Mimosa. However, this is what they bring you when you ask for a Mimosa.


I sat on the balcony for a long time and worked on that bottle of champagne and the orange juice and just did not make nearly enough of a dent in the champagne.

They throw in a basket of pastries also, which makes me look like a glutton. I only eat a few bites of one pastry, the chocolate croissant. I eat one waffle and a couple of pieces of bacon. Bacon is my vacation guilty pleasure. I drink the aforementioned Mimosas and have a couple of cups of tea. Having more than one cup of tea is another vacation guilty pleasure.

The view is cloudy and stormy, but it is a beautiful view all the same. I go inside to get dressed and as made up as I get on vacation. I hear the birds squawking and they are so loud that I go out to see what the fuss is about. They have made off with some bacon. I cover it with the napkin and go back inside. I hear more squawking and when I look outside they are systematically making off with the pastries in the basket.

I have had a good breakfast, and apparently the birds have as well.

Next item on my agenda is to decide what to do with myself on this rainy, cloudy day.

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  1. Monica says:

    I love that you get an entire bottle of champagne when you order a mimosa. Too funny about the pesky birds.

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