Dinner at Haiku, and righting a wrong

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I dress for dinner. A common question I see is, what is appropriate dress for dinner? I enjoy dressing up, so I do. Some people dress a little more casually, and some people dress way too casually, but that’s pretty rare. These are nice restaurants and you should dress accordingly. The only real rule though is that men need to wear long pants. If you eat at the buffet, you can wear anything. And believe me, people do.


I mix up the time for dinner and arrive half an hour too early. They say it’s not a problem and seat me right away. I tell her that I don’t want to sit at the Hibachi table and she asks if I want to sit at a regular table or the sushi bar. I choose the sushi bar, because I have never sat there before.

I order a glass of red wine. I order some sashimi. I order the beef filet wok dish and fried rice. Eating by myself goes quickly. I order the mango sushi, but it isn’t made with real mango but rather some kind of jellied stuff that looks nice but has a weird texture and I have texture issues, so I don’t eat it. I am out of there in 45 minutes.

IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1600

On my way to the Lobby Bar I stop and chat with a Star Friend. They hang out by the wooden horses and encourage people to go to the shows..

I peek in at the vacation club lounge. It is closed and dark. There must be no club members checked-in.


I sit at the bar and Daniel/Luis makes me a cucumber martini.


I see Raphael walking by and I call to him. I tell him I have a complaint. I am sure he is thinking to himself, what now? He comes over and I tell him that Daniel is famous and he has a following. People will read about him on the internet and when they come to the Grand and come to the Lobby Bar and see this guy with the name tag that says Luis, they will think it’s Daniels day off or that he got fired or something.

Raphael talks to Daniel in Spanish. I can tell one thing Raphael asks him is what does his family call him and he replies, “Daniel.” Raphael pulls out one of his business cards and writes something on the back and gives it to Daniel and tells him to go to Human Resources on Monday and get a new name tag. Done! Mission Accomplished! Where’s an aircraft carrier when you need one?

(After I got home, Raphael actually sent me a picture of Daniel with his new name tag!)

Raphael and I chat for a bit. I can’t remember what else I drank, but there were three drunk guys who came in and sat down next to me and they were rowdy. I told Daniel I was leaving. He said it was too early, it was only 10:30 and I should stay at least until 11. I told him I absolutely did not want to be around these drunk guys.  I think part of having a safe, enjoyable time when you are traveling solo is to know when it’s time to leave, for whatever reason. I said good-night and went back to my room, where I pour myself a glass of Siete and go to sleep. Before I turn in I order breakfast to be delivered in the morning.

I took this picture that night because the Nespresso’s are a new addition to the rooms. There are several different types of coffees. However, for us tea drinkers you have to just use the water heating function and use a regular tea bag. They have little expresso cups too.


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