Day at the Beach, Solo-style

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I wake up reasonably early. I know this because of where the sun is in this picture of an almost, sort of sunrise.


I head off to breakfast at Bella Vista. I say hello to Olivia and ask how her baby is. She tells me he was sick the night before and neither one of them got any sleep. Poor baby Benjamin. Poor Olivia. Getting no sleep and then having to work a long day is awful. I don’t have a baby who keeps me up, but I am a life long insomniac, so I know what that is like.

I ask her to make me a couple of scrambled eggs and I get some bacon and a croissant and I order some tea.


I am on vacation, so I must also order a Mimosa. I do as I am supposed to. Tradition is important in keeping the world turning on its axis.


I don’t linger over breakfast and I get out to the beach as soon as I can. This time of year is busy and it can be hard to find a lounger. I am able to find a decent spot in the second row. Of course, there aren’t a lot of people out that early, just their items claiming the chairs.

I have another Mimosa. Maybe I had two. I wasn’t counting and neither should you.


The ocean is so beautiful in the morning.

IMG_1576 IMG_1577 IMG_1581

I took all my pictures on this trip with my iPhone. Phone cameras have come such a long way. One thing my iPhone camera does that a regular camera does not are these cool panoramic shots. In this picture, the palapas are side by side, but it looks like they are across from each other.


I spend the morning reading some. Mostly I listen to and gaze at the ocean. It fills up my soul. It is a lovely day, sunny and warm. I walk to the area where there is good swimming that is to the right of Building 71, but there is a lot of seaweed. I would say there is more seaweed here than I have ever seen before. As I write this, many months later, the seaweed situation has continued to be an issue at the resorts. It comes and goes, but when it is there, it is bad.


There are some dogs there with someone and one of them comes and sits down near me.


She is so sweet and so friendly. It reminds me of the dog who used to come down to the water at the Lindo. Every day, at the same time, she would come down and turn and look at the people, like she was looking for someone. She was very shy of people though. Not this one, this one came and plopped herself right on my foot.

I have lunch, but forgot to take any pictures of it. I was a bit of a slacker, picture-wise, this trip. I had some lobster and fries and some white wine. I return to the beach and do more of what I did in the morning, read, relax, have some drinks. I had a couple of Siete and coke. Then I felt kind of wired from all the caffeine.

Everyone is asking where Zung is. I honestly think many of them think it is a bit odd that I am here without him. That’s okay. Everyone has their bucket list.  And nobody should judge what is or isn’t on another persons bucket list. I’m kind of loose with my bucket list. I just kind of add to it as I go.

Eventually the shadows chase me off the beach so I go to the spa pool for a while. I go back to my room and make yet another Siete and coke and sit on my balcony and enjoy the view until it gets dark. Then I enjoy the sound of the waves.

The maid had left me a very cute towel sculpture. I take a picture of it and text it to Karen. She always loved when we got these and was always a bit grumpy when we did not get them. I put it on the counter and it stays there the whole trip.


It has been a lovely day. I am ready for a lovely evening. I am ready to stir things up a little.

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  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    i am going to solo to the Iberostar Paraiso Maya, I can not wait. Do you have any tips?

  2. NiceNewYorker says:

    That a really cute towel animal!
    Can’t wait to read more!!

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