Andrea’s First Solo Adventure to Mexico

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It was in Mexico,three years ago, that I first started to consider my very first solo vacation. I in fact did go on that solo vacation, to South Dakota to see Mt. Rsuhmore. It was, okay, I’m going to use a word that is overused, but it describes how it felt, empowering. So many women said to me afterwards that they could never do something like that. I replied, EVERY woman should at some point. Then I thought, why stop at just one trip? The next year I went to Wyoming. That trip was a bust. Nothing bad happened, it just wasn’t very exciting and the food was a huge disappointment. I don’t even think I blogged that trip because there was nothing to say.

One of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions was to do a solo trip to Mexico. Although I did not manage to do a solo trip, Zung and I did manage to do three trips together. At our last Mexico trip of 2014, we sat in the lobby bar at the Grand in December and I said, oh well, I failed at that resolution. I really hate to fail at New year’s resolutions. I decide I need to make it happen, and I need to do it right away or the year would pass and I would not have done it again. I’m a graduate student and I am working on an epic big project at work (google “Baby Friendly”). Both of those things consume a lot of my time and that would only ramp up as the year progressed.

When we get home I immediately book the last weekend in January. Well, not immediately, it was a ew days after we got home. January was a busy month. The holidays wound down and we went to visit Nicholas in San Francisco.  Before I knew it, I was leaving for the airport for my first solo trip to Mexico. I had mentioned to a woman I work with that I was going on this trip, and she said she would be too afraid to do a trip like that alone. What makes that really sad is the she is my age and got divorced a few years ago. I decided then and there that I was not going to be that kind of woman, and I was going to go to the places I liked to go with my husband, without him. Let’s face it, women usually outlive their spouses and I am quite a bit younger than him, so chances are good that I will have a few years to take solo trips that are no longer by choice. I needed to get accomplished at it now.

It was COLD the day I left Colorado. The S trifecta – seven degrees, sunny and snowy. This is how I looked when I left the house.


I didn’t want to take all that cold weather wear to Mexico though, so I did a quick change in the car when we got to the airport. I had packed a hoody and in retrospect, I should have just put on the hoody instead of the leather jacket. However, if the plane crashed on take-off, I would be glad for the leather jacket. Being a recovering fearful flyer, I think about these things.


I had my new carry-on. I wanted something super-light so that I would have a good chance of being able to haul that sucker up into the overhead bin by myself. It is super-light, but it is also smaller than my old carry-on. The old one handled 4 days worth of clothes, no problem.  This bag just barely fit all my clothes for a four night trip,and I packed lite, for a beach vacation. I even had to cut back on shoes! Just sayin’.

I had checked in online, so I go directly to security,which is quick. In addition to being a recovering fearful flyer I am also a germaphobe. If I don’t have socks on, I go up on my tip toes to minimize contact with germs. The flu has been rampant this season so I’m of the opinion that you can’t be too careful.

After I get through security I go and buy a People magazine (my guilty pleasure) and then I proceed to Chef Jimmy’s for my ritual Royal Mimosa (or two, I’m pretty sure it was two).


This is the first of many selfies on this trip. Please make note of the curl in my hair. It will make an appearance later. Actually, not so much.


I order the Eggs Benedict and ask for extra hollandaise. The english muffins are nice and crispy, just the way I like them.


After I finish eating (and drinking) I go to the gate. I get there 20 minutes before boarding because I have to show them my passport. When it came time to board I was in Zone 4, even though I was in Row 6. Zone 4 is the last to board. When I fly with Zung we get to board first, since he is a Summit member. When it is my turn I give her my boarding pass and she scans it and it beeps. The other people who that happened to had to go over to the podium. I remind her that she checked my passport, so she fixes whatever made it beep and lets me get on the plane.

I am able to get my bag into the overhead bin all by myself. However, in the interests of full disclosure, there are only two pairs of heels in there. There are two solo travelers in my row, a man and a lady,and she tells me she is a flight attendant. Then they are leaving so some other people can sit together. As the flight attendant lady is leaving I say, I hope it is not a kid. The lady says, “We were all kids once.” Uh oh. That means it’s a kid. And indeed it is. A mom (also a flight attendant) and her ten month old, who she has safely secured in a car seat. She puts the baby in the window seat and she attends to her constantly. The baby has some periods of happy and some of not happy. Basically, your typical ten month old. I felt bad for all three of us, the baby, mom and ME, when she wasn’t happy.

I order my usual rum and coke, and asked for two bottles of rum and this time I order an extra cup of ice. The rum they have is white Bacardi. Can we say GAG? It would have to do though. I was good to go.


I remembered to bring my Dré Beats headphones which help when the baby was not happy. I got them for a steal at Target on Black Friday and I love the bright blue color. I watch TV and when we lose the signal, I play Candy Crush.

It is a smooth flight. A young thing comes out of the cockpit, who I guess is the first captain. She didn’t look old enough to drive a car, let alone fly a plane. We landed OK, so I guess it was all good. When we land, the mom next to me, who I’d seen her back 99% of the flight, all of a sudden starts talking about how Frontier is going to add another row of seats. I agree, that will be tight. I am not sure how that is going to work (I find out during my trip in June – to be blogged at a later date).

I get my bag down and hoof it to Immigration. Just as quick as my excited little tootsies can get me there.


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  1. Woohoo! This is the perfect trip report to get me ready for our trip back in a few weeks. Cant wait to read more!

  2. It is so fun and freeing to travel by yourself, you can do what you want when you want and for however long you want. As a Mom, that is the best thing in the world!!

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