See you later, not good-bye NOLA

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Morning meant brunch with cousin Dan and his lovely wife, Anastasia. I surprisingly was not hung over. No, I felt like I was still drunk. Not falling down drunk, but my head felt fuzzy. We walked to the restaurant, which was very small and there was a bit of a wait.

Dan had brought a bottle of champagne and we ordered orange juice so we could make mimosas. I felt better after I had a glass, so I had another!


The food was good. Dan got something with fried oysters and I tried a bite because I have never had an oyster before. It wasn’t bad. But really, if you batter and deep fry anything, won’t it taste good?






We had a nice brunch with them and the food was good as well. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant.

After we said good-bye I texted Janelle to see if they wanted to hang out before we left. They were eating oysters with their friends, Audrey and Greg, at the restaurant Drago’s. So Zung and I headed for Jackson square and the surrounding area. We walked by this sign, which we thought was pretty funny.


I tried on a pair of cowboy boots that were pretty blinged out, but decided I’d have trouble fitting them in my luggage. We walked around and passed a second line for a wedding.


It was just a nice last couple of hours in NOLA. We headed back to the hotel, packed up and headed to the airport via an Uber. At the airport we got a bite to eat. Our flight home was uneventful. I’m hoping it won’t be our last trip to NOLA.

Next trip report, my solo trip to Mexico.


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  1. I enjoyed your Nola trip report especially all the food pictures.

  2. That was such an awesome trip to NOLA!! So much fun in such a little amount of time! The city has such a unique charm.
    The name on the real estate sign is actually the person that owned our vacation rental. He has properties all over NOLA. Very interesting guy (as you can see from the sign)! Luckily, we didn’t encounter any ghosts, but there was a cafe on the bottom floor of the building and one of the waitresses asked us if we heard anything during our stay. Glad she asked on the last day!
    Memorable trip!!

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