NOLA for Halloween 2014

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We first went to New Orleans two years ago for a family wedding, which happened to be right after Halloween and we made the incredibly smart decision to go a few days early and experience Halloween in NOLA. And what an experience it was. We started talking about doing it again. When our friends, Steve and Janelle, who we met at the Grand, decided to go, it clinched the deal for us. We made our reservations and booked air. This time we decided to stay at the Hotel Monteleone. Zung had stayed there before and really wanted me to get to experience it.

I will be right upfront with you, my readers, the notes I took from this trip were among the ones I lost when I was cleaning up my email. This trip report will be based on my memories and the photos. I will say that Steve described it as an “epic” trip.  There were a few firsts, and probably “only’s”.

Zung and I arrived on Wednesday, two days before Halloween. We flew United, which put us in a different terminal than when we fly Frontier. Different terminal meant new restaurant options. We chose Elways for breakfast. It was pretty good. DSCN3738



I am probably showing off, what is probably the new iPhone 6. I have become one of those people who always has to have the latest and greatest iPhone. This year was no exception. I sell my old one to Gazelle and it has worked out for me financially.

IMG_0996 IMG_0997

Can you guess which plate is mine and which was Zung’s?

We did carry-on and breezed past the baggage claim and called for an Uber. Our driver was super friendly and told us he could help us get dinner reservations at some hot spots. It turned out that THE dinner reservation to have was at the very trendy Revolution, and we already had reservations there. Zung has two cousins that live in NOLA and we were all going to have dinner together Thursday night. Cousin Dan had procured said reservations.

We arrived at the Monteleone about 2:30 and our room was not ready. They told us they would call us when it was. Check-in is at three o’clock, so this was reasonable.

We went to the Carosel bar for drinks and nibbles. We were starving!

We had a couple Pimm’s Cups, one of my favorite NOLA drinks. The service was not great initially. We had to wait a long time and then had to wave someone down to take our order. It seemed like it was maybe a change of shift and the waitress going off didn’t want to take a new table. The new waitress was better.

IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1004

We still had not been called by 3:15 and I was really ready to get to our room to unpack and go out exploring. We decided to go check in at the front desk and see what the deal was. We were told our room was still not ready, unless we would settle for a room with no window. I turned to Zung and asked, “Is that even legal?” She couldn’t even tell us when it would be ready. Check-in is at three o’clock. This was NOT reasonable. She said something to the effect of, hopefully it would be no more than half an hour more. I could hear people around me experiencing similar problems. I said something to the effect that apparently check-in is NOT at three o’clock. And then I told her in no uncertain terms that I found this completely unacceptable. She went in the back and then came back out and said they just had to go check if the room was ready and could I please have a seat in the lobby. About five minutes later a manager came over and said the room was ready and she didn’t know why it didn’t show up on the computer as ready and she gave us drink coupons for the bar and apologized. We went up to our room. It’s a historic hotel, which means it is old, and old usually means small rooms. The room was fine, but it was small, and the bathroom was really small.

We unpacked.

I had given a lot of thought to my costume for Halloween this time. Zung was going to be a vampire again. I decided I was going to be a fallen angel. That requires wings. I had tried on various wings and not found anything that was impressive enough and comfortable enough. I ended up ordering a pair and had them sent to cousin Dan and he was bringing them the following night, when we all met for dinner. I did bring a black evening gown that was sparkly and weighed a ton. I barely fit into it anymore, but decided it would have one last hurrah.

After we unpacked Zung took a nap and I surfed on my iPad. Next was dinner at K Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen on Chartres St. It was walking distance. That’s one of the great things about staying in the French Quarter, everything is walking distance.

We passed this as we walked to dinner.




The food was very traditional New Orleans type food and it was good. Not amazing, but good.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1010 IMG_1011

After dinner we caught a pedi-cab to Frenchman’s street and listened to some jazz.


We had some rum and cokes.


This place was good, but we decided to see what else there was. That was a mistake, because we wandered all over and couldn’t find anything and ended up calling the woman who had brought us over to come and get us and take us back to our hotel. We chatted on the way back and she told us she was a medical student and we had a nice chat.

Back at the hotel we stopped in the bar for a nightcap, which we took up to the room. The bar was crowded and noisy and after travel day, we were kind of over it and just wanted to go to sleep.


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