How many shots?

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We return to the beach after lunch and are visited by a Star Friend.

There was resting and reading and people watching. There was time in the jacuzzi back at our room.


We get ready for dinner.


We are having dinner at the Mexican restaurant again. Zung is happy to see his new friend, Oscar. Oscar pours him some 1800.


Bottoms up!


Wo order a bottle of the Damon wine. We both have the Lima soup.


Zung has the chicken mole.


I have the Tacos el Pastor.


We ask for coconut ice cream and they get us some.


After dinner we go to our favorite hang out, the Lobby Bar. The Lobby Bar actually has a name, Mirador. But nobody calls it that. Everyone just calls it the Lobby Bar.

Ian and Janette are there. This is their last evening here as they have to leave tomorrow. It has been so great getting to meet them in person. I hope we get to do it again.


I have had a cucumber martini, and then Maggie and Det show up, and it’s CHOCOLATE CAKE SHOT TIME!


Maggie and I had a few more.

IMG_1274 IMG_1275 IMG_1276 IMG_1277 IMG_1278

Okay! Five! We had five Chocolate Cake shots. It was Daniel’s fault. We’d ask for one and he was pouring us two. He’s such a bad boy.


Patrick shows up and calls for chocolate cake shots and I say, I am outta here! I have had enough.

We get a ride back to the room and I most certainly was not drunk because I was able to take this picture of Zung, showing our room number.


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it


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