Rocks and Rockstars

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There are quite a few clouds when we wake up, but the day ends up being very nice.


We go to breakfast.

DSCN4118 DSCN4119

Even Zung has a Mimosa this morning.


He goes back to the room and works and I go to the beach and don’t work. Seriously, we are on vacation, one of us has to not work. He does contribute to the vacation by taking some awesome pictures.




Our regular beach waiter, Jonatan, is off today. I miss him, because he is so darn cute, but our beach service is still pretty excellent. Zung joined me after a couple of hours. I’d just ordered a Mudslide, and he ordered a Margherita. I can tell from this picture that I must have had a hang-over from all those chocolate cake shots. I will drink plain coke the morning after and it seems to make me feel so much better. There is a half-drank (drunk?) glass of coke on the table here.


I refer to the Mudslides as milkshakes for grown ups.


When we are finished with our drinks, we decide to take a walk. It’s always important to take water with you on your walks. There is lots of seaweed, which has been an ongoing problem along the Riviera Maya beaches for the last several months. This was December and I am still hearing about it now, in May.

DSCN4136 DSCN4137

We came to the rock sculpture garden, where people have stacked rocks. I decide to make one, which is easier than it sounds, since I didn’t have shoes with me. Some people recommend wearing shoes when you take this walk, but I never do and generally it is not a problem. My sculpture is not very elaborate, but I am proud of it.


Phew! That was hard work. I need to sit down and have a drink of water.


Zung is wondering why there is so little walking on this walk.


As we are walking back there is a couple standing there and they are looking at us rather expectantly. I am thinking they are going to ask us to take their picture. Instead, it is a rock star moment. He says something like, “You don’t know who we are, but we know who you are.” They are a very lovely couple from Louisiana named Levy and Reba. He had actually sent me a message before this trip telling me they chose the Grand because of me. We talked with them a couple of times and they liked the Grand a lot.


After our walk, we are hungry and thirsty, and we head right for lunch. The usual suspects of sauvignon blanc, Victoria beer, and shrimp fajitas make their appearance.

DSCN4146 DSCN4147


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