Quite the Night

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After dinner we go to the bar. We do shots. Lots of shots.

First there is this one. It’s a Cucaracha shot and it gets lit on fire. I can’t remember whose idea this one was. It’s got Kahlua and tequila in it. It has a third ingredient, but that can vary and I don’t remember what it was tonight.


John points out that he had done “my” shot (chocolate cake), and had bailed on “his” shot (tequila) and it was time to pay up. He ordered tequila shots with sangrita chasers. It appears from this picture that it is only John, Ian and I that do this shot.


I didn’t like the tequila and really didn’t like the sangrita. I don’t like tequila and I think drinking tomatoes is just yucky. And for those of you who think I just haven’t had good tequila, I have and it all tastes like gasoline to me.

After the shots, we go to the show. There is a guy in front of us that is really feeling the music. He is as entertaining to watch as the show, It is the Beatles show. All the shows are good, quality shows. Don’t miss them because you think they will be like the usual cheesy shows most resorts have. They have some really talented singers and dancers.

After the show, we all take a golf cart ride and we go to the Disco. The Disco is at the shopping center and has a very cheesy Star Wars theme. We sit for awhile and watch the Star Friends and some other people dance. I get a drink at the bar. They don’t have Havana Siete, so I settle for Havana Club and start plotting my escape.

John has informed me that I am going to dance. I hate dancing. I have no rythym. But I have had enough to drink that I agree to it. Ian and Janette and Suzanne and John pull me out to the dance floor. Zung watches, but thank goodness, does not take any pictures. I dance for a song or two and when they aren’t looking, I go back to Zung and say let’s get out of here.

We go back to the Lobby Bar and I order a cucumber mojito. Ken and Patrick are there.


Someone decided there should be chocolate cake shots for everyone.


Suzanne and John and Ian and Janette return. They said they looked around and we were GONE! Suzanne and John are leaving tomorrow, so we take one last shot of Suzanne and I. We clearly are both feeling no pain.


I’m sure, I HOPE, it was not long after this that Zung and I went back to the room. We had gotten into enough trouble for one night. Well, I had at any rate, and he is guilty by association.


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  1. That was a fun night! In fact it was a fun vacation. We really enjoyed finally meeting Andrea, Zung, Suzanne and John. Too bad I was sick the entire week. I hope we can meet up again some day.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog, Andrea. The food and venue of Iberostar was excellent. I am the woman who posted about the insensitive hostess on your Iberostar Grand Page. I, unfortunately, left the page because I didn’t want to deal with the remarkably rude and bullying behavior of some its members – specifically Steve Bartlett. I don’t know who else chimed into the peanut circus afterward but how bizarre – especially after the situation had been resolved so well by Raul and his immediate response was THE PERFECT example of the quality of their hospitality. Please let the people who respond to comments on the page know, if they REALLY love Iberostar and its employees, to not be so blessed rude! It does not reflect well on the resort!

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