Corner Suite Tour and Unplanned Group Dinner

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There are two ocean front buildings, 70 and 71. Each has three floors and two corner suites on each floor. One of the corner suites on the third floor is a Presidential suite. I’ve never been in a Presidential suite. I have asked for a tour a couple of times, but they have always been occupied. I had never seen a corner suite until we walked through the door of ours. This is the first thing you see, a little room with a couple funky chairs and ottomans. I’m not sure if they originally had other plans for this room or if they think people might hang out here, but it strikes me as a little odd. There is a door to the rest of the suite.


I included both pictures because the chairs look so different depending on the angle.

When you walk through the next door, it is the same as a regular room, with the closets, bathroom and mini-bar. There is another door and then you come to the room with the bed. That is identical to a regular room. Then you step down, and this area is a little larger in the corner suite. In a regular room the table starts where the drapes are. There is also the nice, big window by the table in the corner suite. No window in a regular room.


Here is a picture of a table in a regular room for comparison.


What really sets this room apart is the nice big jacuzzi on the balcony, and in this particular room, the incredible view as you sit in it.


When we are prunes from sitting in the water for too long, we go inside and shower and dress for dinner.


We still have a bit before dinner, so we go to the lobby bar. Sheila and George come over and we chat. Ian and Janette show up, and we chat with them too. Sheila and George are going to the Mexican restaurant and I recommend the chicken molé.

As it turns out, Ian and Janette are going to the same restaurant that we are tonight, the Japanese. And so are Suzanne and John! We ask the hostess if we can sit together and she put us at a hibachi table. Those tables are designed so couples are kind of off to themselves, so we probably should have asked for a regular table. I don’t think they have any already set up for six though.

DSCN4024 DSCN4026 DSCN4027

They bring some sushi rolls to start, which I usually pass on.


We have ordered some fried stuff. I’m not sure that pink stuff on the plate adds to it visually.


I have ordered a wok dish, the beef fillet with oyster sauce.


Zung has ordered chicken and shrimp. This is before they give him his veggies.


Dinner is good. Dinner at the Japanese is always a leisurely affair. After dinner we go back to the lobby bar. And I do what we all tell our teenagers not to do.

I submit to peer pressure. And it involves alcohol. And dancing. Yes. You read that right. Dancing..


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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Can’t wait to hear about your dancing! If it is anything like the jello shots in NOLA than it should be hysterical!!

  2. I could never figure out the reason for the off little entry room either. It seems like wasted space.

    1. Odd not off.

  3. Great looking couples. I love that jacuzzi. How can you go back to a basic room after this.

  4. Wow! How many drinks did I have?! That is a very toothy grin. That table is too big to have a proper visit during dinner.

  5. I’ve stayed in a corner suite and in one of the Presidential suites. In our March 2015 trip, I booked the romantic dinner in the Presidential suite to propose to my partner (now husband) and I can tell you the room is breathtaking! If you get the dinner, for about $200 more, you get to stay the night in the room. It’s the size of three regular oceanfront rooms, the living area is HUGE (the size of the bedroom area of two regular rooms, the dining area is the size of 1.5 washrooms and you get a full-is kitchen. The balcony is amazing and has a corner Jacuzzi and a hammock. But the best part of the presidential suite is the washroom! All marble, huge walk-in closet, huge corner Jacuzzi for two, nice huge shower and a large vanity with two sinks. The regular corner oceanfront suite was nice with the Jacuzzi on the balcony but you loose the swing, you get a bit more space (about one foot) in the area of the table and a window to give a bit more light and you get the vestibule. We found the vestibule to be a wasted space though and ended up using the space to store our luggage and shoes.

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