Corner Suite and Big Rains

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Tuesday morning we wake up to a spectacular view.


I decide to celebrate this wonderful view by having lobster for breakfast.


What’s that you say, your all-inclusive doesn’t have lobster for breakfast? Well then, you should certainly check out the Iberostar Grand Paraiso, because we get to have lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if we want. Today, I “wanted” for breakfast, and ordered their delicious lobster blini. I always ask them to hold the salmon roe. I guess I’m just not a caviar kind of gal. It was as delicious as it looks. There was a Mimosa to go with it. Champagne and lobster for breakfast. This was just too good.

Zung has….wait for it…an omelette.


I see Olivia and say hello. If she is available, Zung always has her make his omelette. She’s the best.

I must add that the service at breakfast was spectacular. It was that really outstanding service that the Grand is known for.

We go back to the room. We see one of the butlers and ask about moving to the new room. He says he’ll let us know when it is available. I go out to the beach, where the skies are looking a little iffy.


I order a Coco Loco. They are so damn yummy.


I’m pretty sure you want to know where I got that really cute beach bag. Target. On clearance. I may buy ridiculously expensive shoes sometimes, but I can only do that because I hunt down bargains to within an inch of their lives.

The waves are a bit rough.


At around 11 I go in to check on Zung, who is working, and the butler tells me the other room is ready. We pack up and call for help moving. Then we wait.

DSCN3992 DSCN3993 DSCN3994 DSCN3995 DSCN3996

You can probably tell from all the pictures that it was taking a little while. I called again and then a butler came right up. The new room was on the 2nd floor and our current room was on the third floor. The three of us gathered everything up, got on the elevator and then to the new room. The butler brought our Havana Club and even a new plate of limes. We put all our clothes away. We check out the view. We can see a rainstorm coming in.


We grab the umbrella that is in every room and go down to the lobby of our building. By the time we get down there, it is pouring.


We go to La Brisa for an early lunch. So has everyone else. We have to wait a bit for a table.

DSCN4001Not only has almost everyone gone to lunch at the same time, but there is no outdoor seating with the rain.


We have our usual drinks. Zung has shrimp fajitas…


…and I have tournedos and french fries. Both are cooked perfectly.


The service is excellent and the food is delicious.

We take our time with lunch, but it becomes apparent that the weather is not going to get better.

What to do? It appears it is time to check out that awesome jacuzzi on our balcony in our new room.



We make some adult beverages. We remember that it’s important not to mix jacuzzis with alcohol, so we mix the rum with coke.

DSCN4016 DSCN4019 DSCN4020

I wasn’t sure the jacuzzi would be ALL that. What can I say? I was wrong. It was awesome. Especially on a rainy day. Ahhh, who am I trying to kid? We used that jacuzzi every day. I am hooked. It was so relaxing to sit there with an awesome view, in that huge bubbling bubble bath. Now this is decadence.

Next time, I will give you a tour of the room. It is a little bit different from the regular rooms.


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  1. Do you have a different camera this trip? The pictures look different…Great, but different. I apologize if you mentioned that already. That jacuzzi looks fab. I would love to have one of those rooms on a future trip to the Grand! Maybe someday…

  2. Same camera, but we are taking more pictures with our iPhones too.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love your blog when it’s Mexico

  4. We got caught by the pool during that downpour. But I got some great pictures of it coming in. Sure learned that the new palapas do not shield from the rain. Looking forward to your future pictures of the Jacuzzi room. George wants to book it but I like my swing to take naps!

  5. We’ve stayed in that room twice. It’s my favorite by far! Love the “jungle” views. I have a fun memory of a windy day and half of the bubbles from the jacuzzi ended up atop the trees over there. Cheers!

  6. It just poured that day. We were sitting by the window in the restaurant and the water was just pouring through cracks around the windows. There were puddles on the floor. The staff were overwhelmed.

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