Lunch FAIL!

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We walk to La Brisa for lunch. The hostess seats us and tells us that the buffet is American. She has menus, but she doesn’t offer them to us. That is fine, we pretty much have it memorized by now. A waiter comes by and takes our drink order and brings them to us quickly, but just as quickly, he leaves. I have my traditional lunch drink of Sauvignon Blanc and Zung has his traditional drink of Victoria beer. We aren’t in any hurry so we just enjoy our drinks and wait for our waiter to come back and take our food order.

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We wait, and wait, and wait. Our waiter passes, but doesn’t stop. Finally,  we flag him down and say we would like to order. He tells us that most of the food is at the buffet, “Except for fajitas and some other things.” Well, actually, we do want to order shrimp fajitas for Zung, and I’d like grilled lobster and french fries. I always add that I want the fries fresh, hot and crispy.

Then we wait, and wait and wait some more. It has been at least a half an hour since we were seated. And I am getting more and more aggravated. A new waiter comes by, Angel, and asks if we need anything. Well, actually, could you check on our food that we ordered because it’s taking a really long time. He leaves, and them comes back and says it will be five minutes more. That’s better than “some” minutes, which is an answer we have gotten for other things and has gotten to be kind of a joke between us.  I’m pretty sure he can tell from my expression that I am not happy.

Angel brings our food in about the promised five minutes. It was not worth the wait. The lobster is lukewarm and tough. The fries are lukewarm and limp. I eat a few bites and then push it away.


Zung’s shrimp fajitas were somewhat better.


Even our flower was sad.


I go up to the buffet to look for desserts, hoping for some coconut ice cream. There is none and none of the desserts appeal to me. I come back to the table and when Angel comes by I ask if he can find some coconut ice cream for us. He does and we end a pretty disappointing lunch on a good note. Angel has been very attentive. If the food had been better I would have let the whole issue of the poor service and it taking forever slide by. It had been terrible though. The combination was unacceptable and one of the worst experiences we have had at the Grand.


We go back to the beach. We nap, we read, we order drinks that are appropriate for sipping by the sea.

We return to the room to get ready for dinner. There is a very cute towel sculpture waiting for us.


We shower and dress. The funny thing about this picture is that my bracelet is so shiny and looks so blingy, but it was a Victoria Secret freebie.


We go to the Lobby Bar for pre-dinner drinks. Ian and Janette are there, so we chat with them. My favorite bartender makes my favorite drink.


George and Sheila come by a say hello.


I look over towards the lobby and see Raphael walking over. He looks very serious. He comes up to me and says there was a misunderstanding with the rate we were charged for our room. That is a long story that I won’t go into here, but he was offering us an upgrade. We could either have a honeymoon villa, which he saidhad had some improvements, or a corner suite. I had never seen a honeymoon villa, or a corner suite. I knew that I didn’t want to give up my ocean view though.  I had asked for a corner suite a couple of times on previous visits, but they weren’t available.

The big draw of the corner suite is that it has a large jacuzzi on the balcony. However, it doesn’t have a swing, and I really enjoy the swing. I didn’t think we would use the jacuzzi very often, so I almost considered telling Raphael that we were good with the room we had. That felt like it would have come off as unappreciative of him trying to make up for the rate misunderstanding, so I tell him we will take the corner suite. He tells us we can move tomorrow after the people in it have checked out.

I have mixed feelings about moving. We will have to pack everything up, and I am not sure we will use that jacuzzi.

SPOILER ALERT! We loved the jacuzzi and used it every single day. It became a highlight of the day to sit out there with the incredible view, sitting in the bubbling water with rum and Cokes. Pictures to come in a future post!

I thank Raphael, and then tell him  I want to share some feedback with him, and I tell him about our experience at lunch. He apologizes and assures me that he will talk to the manager of La Brisa.

We leave for dinner at the Mexican restaurant, which is in La Brisa. Word travels fast. Our experience was stellar.


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  1. Cucumber mojitos, one of my favs ! Looks delish !! Our other favorite waiter at the lobby bar was Humberto. Is he still there ?

    1. Humberto is still there! He is a bartender at the pool bar.

  2. Bucket lists are wonderful things, full of hopes and dreams. Everyone should have one. Mine is divided into three parts: things I can control such as going on an African safari and climbing Machu Picchu (accomplished), things in which karma has to take over such as our being at the Grand at the same time as you and Zung (done) and my beloved Red Sox winning the World Series in my lifetime (done) and the things that cannot be done—my being tall and thin and world peace (never going to happen).

    It was so nice to meet you and Zung. May your bucket be full of designer shoes!

  3. That’s a lunch fail for sure. I did laugh out loud at the picture of the droopy flower. I hope you were offered a bottle of wine or something to make up for the awful lunch service.

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