Rockstar Moment with Sheila and George

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I have finally retrieved some of my notes, with the help of a very determined genius at the Apple Genius Bar. It’s not all my notes, but I am confident I can retrieve them now at least. It’s too bad I didn’t have them when I wrote my previous posts, they contained some funny things. I am just ecstatic that I have made some progress in retrieving them.

Morning brings a sunny day and the first Zungrise shot of the vacation.



Even so, it is a little cool walking to breakfast at Bella Vista.

We order our drinks, which is coffee for Zung and hot black tea with milk and sugar for me. It is full strength caffeine, which I will pay for later, but is one of my guilty pleasures on vacation. Somehow, it aways tastes better at the Grand.


I also order a Mimosa and the waiter asks if we want two and to  my surprise, Zung says yes. It surprises me because he will spend the morning working. This has been true of our last several vacations and I am getting used to it.

IMG_1232 IMG_1234

I keep it simple with an egg over medium and a croissant.


Zung keeps it traditional with an omelette, tater tots and a sugar donut. He throws in some bacon for good measure.


I love bacon so I go back and get some. It is another one of my guilty pleasures.


A couple stops by our table to introduce themselves. It is my first rockstar moment of the trip. They are Sheila and George. She reads my blog, but I have seen her regularly on Trip Advisor. We will see them again several times on the trip. They are a lovely couple. She tells me at one point that she was really happy to have met me because it was on her bucket list. That was a bit humbling because I’m not sure I belong on anyone’s bucket list. Or maybe she just has a really long list.

We go back to the room and I put on my new bikini. Zung takes two pictures of it and I can’t believe how different the color came out in them. I think our camera was confused. I don’t think it was quite this orange, but it was a red that did lean close to orange.


It definitely wasn’t this red.


I leave Zung to his work and I settle myself in at the beach. There is no chair saving. Or none that I can identify. I have a Mimosa, or two. Who counts when they are on vacation? I have a Mudslide.


I take a walk down to the Maya. After awhile, and a few drinks, Zung comes down and joins me. We hang out on the beach for a bit and then decide to go have some lunch.

I am SO happy to have my toes in the sand again, but we are ready to hit a bump in our vacation bliss.



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  1. I can’t believe how different your suit looks in the two different pics. Bella Vista is so gorgeous. I wish I could have my breakfast in that nice of a space every day.

  2. cute bathing suit. love the preview it keeps us guessing . great blog!

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