Check-in with Charly

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I can’t tell you a thing about our flight other than what we drank. And for that, I’ll let the picture do the talking.


I thought it was pretty funny that they gave me the True Lime to go with it. I keep thinking they will get some better rum. At least some dark rum. Note to self: write to Frontier and tell them they need better rum. I could also bring my own. They sell those little bottles at the liquor store. New note to self: buy little bottles of decent rum for next flight to Mexico. Or…I could get a little funnel and transfer some Havana Club into some used little bottles. Now you’re taking! Newest note to self: see if I have any little bottles I can drain and use. I think I am spending way too much time thinking about this.

It was an uneventful flight. We landed. We went through immigration, which must have been quick because there is a picture of me waiting for our bags. You either wait at immigration or you wait at baggage. Console yourself with that fact if you find yourself in a long immigration line.


We have used Cancun Valet for most of our trips for our transportation to and from the airport and hotel. They provide great service and I have no complaints about them. However, I have some friends who have used Canada Transfers and they are significantly cheaper. Sooooo, I booked with them this time. I felt like I was being a little unfaithful, but the amount due helped me get over it.

We were met as soon as we exited the airport. They had cool wash cloths for us and bottles of water. They offered to stop for any other drinks we wanted, but we just wanted to get to the hotel. It was the usual 25 minute trip. We pulled in, were greeted by the bell boys who took our luggage and we were sent to the front desk where we checked in and were given welcome drinks, a sparkling rosé.

DSCN3920 DSCN3921

It is only a partial check-in. Generally if you book ocean front, they check you in, in your room and you skip the front desk thing. However, we book directly through the hotel and we have to give them a credit card and then we go to the room and get our wristbands and fill out the paperwork.

I exchanged some money. The bellboys loaded our luggage onto a golf cart and we went to Building 70.

I am in my happy place.


We pass Charly, the best butler ever, on our way to our room. We are told he will be right back and up to check us in.


They always have a lovely spread of food waiting for us. A basket of fruit, cheese and meats and a nice bottle of red wine. We rarely eat much of the fruit, but love the meat and cheese. We are always hungry when we arrive as it has been awhile since breakfast. We scarf some down.


The flowers are beautiful.


The welcome back t-shirts are white.


The robes are fluffy.


And the watch is ceremoniously removed.


Charly has arrived, completed our check-in and we have spent time catching up with him and finding out how his family is. His wife is good and his baby is doing great! Sadly, he is being moved to another building after tonight. Darn! We always get to see him on our trips, but it is so lovely to get to see his wonderful smiling face every day.

We unpack. We get dressed for dinner. Somehow the time has passed quickly and we are hustling to meet my friends, Suzanne and Janette and their spouses, in the lobby.

Golf cart please!

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