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Monday morning is Labor Day. I honor it by lazing in bed while Susie goes to work out. That is why she looks like she does and I look like I do. When she gets back to the room we go for breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

I didn’t take any pictures of food, but I did take a picture of the flower on the table, because it is so pretty.


We both order the Eggs Benedict, and a bowl of berries to share. I order a Mimosa and Susie orders a double espresso. Good morning! The Eggs Benedict takes so long that they don’t charge me for the Mimosa and offer to bring Susie another double espresso at no charge, which she declines. The EB are just as good as they were a couple of days ago.

After breakfast we go back to the room and pack. We check out and check our bags with the bellboys. Then it is more shopping! We walk to Union Square. We make yet another visit to Joe’s Jeans (for Susie).e wander around. We pass by a chocolate shop where they are giving out free samples of their awesome chocolates. Chocolatier Blue. We buy a bunch of them.We wander some more and find a mall that has a Nordstrom, Westfield San Francisco Centre. I try on a bunch of stuff in Nordstrom. Baggy and big is in this season, and I do not like baggy and big. I find a sweater to buy. I want to wander around the stores in the mall some, but it is soon time to go back to the Ritz Carlton and go to lunch.

We walk up the big hill, one last time. We get our bags and go in to the ladies room. Susie changes and we put our purchases in our bags. I don’t even need the extender zipper.

We call an Uber and go to Cotogna. This is the restaurant where Nicholas works and he is working today, but is supposed to get off at 4. I tell the hostess this and say I’m hoping he will be able to join us when he gets off and could we get a table for three? We had reservations at 3:45 for two. They seat us at a table for four and take our bags in the back. We peruse the menu. We first ordered a couple of glasses of wine. All their wines by the glass are $12. Our server asks what we like and brings us each a couple different wines to try. I have red and Susie has white.

Our server said Nicholas would not be out for a bit and did we want to order something. I ordered Gazpacho and Susie ordered a salad. Yum! They brought bread also.

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0823

After we finished our first course, they bring out a couple bowls of soup that they want us to try because Nicholas makes it.


It was really good, but after two bowls of soup, I am feeling pretty full. But we both really want some pasta, so we order some. I have gnocchi and Susie has a ravioli.

IMG_0829 IMG_0830

They bring us another pasta dish they think we might like.


Or maybe it was the other way around. I can’t remember. I just remember them bringing us extra dishes and eating so much, I thought my eyes were about to roll back in my head.

She tellsus that because it was so busy, Nicholas is having to work a little late. I order another glass of wine.

We keep getting glimpses of him.


We are so full, but the desserts look so good.

IMG_0841 IMG_0843

And yes, they bring us an extra dessert too. There is a lot of leftover food, which I have them box up for Nicholas to take home, since I can’t.


We get finished at 5:30, which is the same time that Nicholas finally gets off of work. He comes out to talk to us for a few minutes. I am so disappointed that he didn’t get to have lunch with us. We only have a few minutes before Susie and I have to call an Uber and head to the airport.

Lunch at Cotogna was wonderful and they have treated us really well.

Our flight home is uneventful. We have had a wonderful time together. We definitely need to do it again.

Girls trips rule!


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  1. When did Nicholas start working at Cotogna?

    1. It was sometime in February or March of last year.

  2. Girl trips do rule! Hope Nicholas likes the new restaurant.

    1. Cotogna is Quince’s sister restaurant. Same chef owner. Nicholas got some great experience their. He is headed towards his next adventure, which will be Italy in May.

  3. Italy! Wow. I’m guessing you will be planning a trip there soon.

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