Waterbar Dinner

We walk up the big hill back to the hotel. Seriously, I work out regularly, but this hill is a killer. When we get to the hotel, we rest and then get ready for dinner. Susie wears a dress that we bought and thought we would share. I wore it once and said, oh yea, no. Way to old for this dress this short. She looks killer in it though. Well, she looks killer in everything.


I wear my new shoes. THEY are killer.DSCN3686

We take an Uber to Waterbar, which is on the Embarcadero. I ate here with Zung the first time we visited Nicholas here. It is pretty good seafood with an amazing view of the Bay Bridge.


IMG_0817 DSCN3710 DSCN3714

We order drinks. I like mine, but Susie doesn’t really like hers and really doesn’t drink much of it. Mine is the one with cucumber. Bet that surprises you!



Susie trying to hide that she is not drinking her drink.


Susie looking gorgeous.


Susie looking goofy.



DSCN3696 DSCN3697 DSCN3698 DSCN3699 DSCN3700 DSCN3701

The food was quite yummy.

Susie, still trying to hide her half drank drink.


After dinner we take some pictures outside, with the bridge behind us. I know you are really glad that I clarified that, since it isn’t completely obvious from the pictures.

DSCN3712 DSCN3713

We take an Uber back to the hotel. We get in our jammies and watch the Food channel, Susie’s favorite. Because, ya know, today hasn’t been about food enough.

There will be plenty of food tomorrow too.

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