Food Tour of the Mission

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Chris arrives and gives us a brief orientation. There are some people who have been on his tours before. I consider that a good sign. I like this guy’s energy. He gives us bottles of water and off we go.


We will get to experience the best the Mission has to offer, both in food and in art with their legendary murals.

IMG_0733Our first stop is Mr.King’s bakery. While this is the Latin district, Mr. King is Chinese. There are fresh coconut buns and mini baguettes of french bread for each of us. Are you kidding me? This is how we are starting? Filling up on delicious carbs? Susie and I decide to split one of each.


We made sure to take both a picture of Susie and Mr. King, and the delectable goodies.

IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0741

There are incredible murals all over.


Chris has identified Susie as the vegetarian of the group and assures her that he has made arrangements along the way for her dietary requirements to be met. Oh yes, he did, and then some!

IMG_0743 IMG_0744

Our next stop is a kind of sandwich place.



I think he called what we had a drunken sandwich. I called it delicious. It had this spicy sauce poured over it.


Susie got two plates of a vegetarian option.


We also got smoothies made with all kinds of veggies.


Chris had a great story about the mural on the wall inside the shop. I can’t remember it in enough detail to recount it here, so you will just have to go on the tour yourself to find out what it is.


Another gratuitous mural shot.


Next stop is a butcher shop, that also sells prepared food.

IMG_0755 IMG_0756 IMG_0757

I love Chris’ expression in this pic.IMG_0758

We get the spiel from Chris and  the owner about the meat, and then we get food. Susie gets two quesadillas. And Sal, the owner, gets pictures taken with two ladies.

IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761

Some apple (manzanilla) soda.IMG_0762


We are starting to feel full, so Chris takes us on a tour of the murals.





IMG_0795 IMG_0769


This mural was defaced. It’s really hard to imagine what could lead someone to do something like that. Some these murals are 40 years old.

IMG_0771IMG_0772 IMG_0780

IMG_0776 IMG_0777













They were restoring this mural.








After walking and looking at the murals it is time to get back to eating. Chris takes us to a place that had Pupusas. Of course, he has a great story about this place. It has to do with the owner and all his wives working there.


Susie likes Pupusas, but I am not a fan, so I only eat a few bites.

Next he takes us to a place where we sit down and order drinks. Susie has a beer. I don’t drink beer, so I probably just had a coke.



We are sharing a table with a couple from New Jersey. They are tourists and are all about the food. She has a itinerary several pages long of where they are going to experience all kinds of food. That is my kind of trip!



The food comes and it is a huge portion! Mine has meat and stuff.



Susie’s has beans and stuff. I kind of lust after her avocados.





I can’t eat it all. I am full. Just then Chris walks in with dessert.





Too much food! He next takes us to a little grocery store and talks about some of the products there. We have one more thing to eat as we choose a frozen treat on our way out. I don’t like the one I choose so I don’t eat much of it. Susie likes hers and eats it all.



Chris takes us back to the Pupusa place and has a drawing for prizes. I win a tool that is used to make Mexican hot chocolate. It has intricate carvings on it and is pretty cool. I have yet to make hot chocolate with it though. Lastly, we fill bags up with candy that is popular in the area.

Susie and I call an Uber. We have the driver drop us off at Union Square and we shop some more. We go first to H&M because there was a lady on the tour with a really cute dress and she said this is where she got it. They have it, but it doesn’t look cute on me. We don’t buy anything there. Macy’s next for shoes. We don’t even try anything on. While there are a couple pairs of good shoes, there are not enough sales people. We stop in several stores, but I guess we are just not feeling it today because we don’t buy anything.

We have had such a great day. The food tour was awesome. And now we have dinner!



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