Fabulous Food Tour in the Mission

We wake up, not terribly early, and get ready for our day of eating. We figure out what time we have to leave. I check Google maps and double the time in case there is heavy traffic. I text Nicholas and ask if he is going to join us for breakfast. I don’t hear back from him and we go to the restaurant, ten minutes behind our schedule. We ask to be seated and are told there is an eight minute wait to be seated. Really? Eight minutes? Not five, not ten. Eight. Who knew the hotel restaurant would be so busy on a Sunday morning? I am not prepared for any wait and am calculating in my mind if we have enough time. The buffet, which would be the fastest, is a ridiculous $38 per person. We were not planning on a large breakfast because the food tour will have PLENTY of food. There is coffee, but not tea, set up outside the restaurant. Susie gets herself some coffee. The restaurant has some to-go items, so we just ask for a couple croissants to go. They give them to me without charging me. We went back to the room and I made some tea. Susie eats her croissant, as well as some kind of protein bar. It is less than appetizing looking and I taste it. Uhhhh, yea, not thanks. While the croissant is good, it is also small and the $5 they normally charge would have been way too much. I am happy we were not charged.

We call for an Uber and go to Chinese Food and Donuts, the meet up place. We go inside to wait.


It is empty. Then Susie notices all these people outside. We go outside and ask if they are there for the food tour and they are.


It was an added tour and it is FULL! The tour is with Chris Milano’s Foodie Adventures, and Chris himself is our tour guide.

This is my second food tour in San Francisco. Tung and I did one when we were here in October 2013. We really enjoyed it. For a variety of reasons I went with a different tour company this time.

Chris arrives right at 10:30. Let’s get this tour started!

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