Shopping in Union Square

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We are ready to go shopping at Union Square. I’ve done it a couple of times and am not bored yet. The locals seem to look down their nose at people who enjoy shopping at Union Square. I can live with that. I’m not quite sure what you are supposed to do, when you are a tourist, that isn’t touristy. I have gone over to the dark side and am a blatant tourist.

We ask the bellman how to get to Union Square. He remembers my name from when I arrived this morning. I wonder if they give them a memory test when they apply for the job? He doesn’t want to send us through the tunnel (not sure why). He gives us directions and we walk down one street and then down a steep hill. Really steep. I am thinking how, at the end of the day, we will have to walk UP that really steep hill.

We stop at Walgreen’s because Susie needs contact lens stuff and Nicholas wants some Airborne because he feels like he might be getting sick.

Next stop is DSW. It is the best DSW ever. Four floors of shoes. I try on these amazing Vince Camuto heels. I decide to think about it since we are just getting started. I do take a picture of them though, in case I want to look at them while I think about it.


We go to the shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue. The sales people kind of ignore us. Big mistake. They may not know it, but they are in the presence of a serious shoe shopper. We go to Zara and Susie tries on some colorful, furry coats.IMG_0711 IMG_0712

Nicholas wants me to take a picture of him and Susie together. The first pictures I took had too many shadows on their faces. Still, not bad pics of my kids, yes?


IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0701


This is the one that made the cut.Damn! They look good.IMG_0704

Me and my boy. You can see my hair is not loving San Francisco.


Me and my girl.IMG_0708

We go to Walgreens again so Nicholas can get some Occillo to fight the bug that is trying to get him. It seems like there is a Walgreens on every corner in this city. We go to Joe’s Jeans. They are having an awesome sale for the holiday weekend. By the time our trip is done, we have done some serious damage here. We don’t buy anything this first visit. We have reservations for afternoon tea at the Rotunda at Neiman’s we have to get to. But we WILL be back.

Nicholas says good-bye. He has to go to work. We are hoping to have breakfast with him again tomorrow.

We go to the Rotunda and are seated. They give you a delicious popover with strawberry butter instead of bread. Susie likes it.


I like it too, but only have a couple bites because I know what it coming, and how much of it is coming and how stuffed I will be after it arrives and I eat it.

We have tea, of course.


I have the option that includes some champagne. Bet you’re not surprised.


Then they bring the glorious tower of treats. Susie loves her some cucumber sandwiches.


After we eat as much as we can, and more than we thought possible, or than we should have, we go and do more shopping. We look at clothes at Neiman’s, briefly. They are so freakin’ expensive. I’m not sure how much money I would have to have to drop that much money on clothes. We stop at the shoe department and I try on some freakin’ expensive shoes. That I can do, drop a lot of money on some gorgeous shoes. But I don’t this trip. I know that hoes never feel good on the day that I have traveled.

We go back to Joe’s and this time we buy some jeans. I get an awesome deal on the ones I buy because the fly is sewn a little funky and everything is 30% off to begin with. They give me 45% off. There are good deals everywhere. We go to Steve Madden I find cute boots. It’s 30% off if I take this picture and post it to Instagram. Done.


The male salespeople at Steve Madden are super friendly, the women, not so much. After Steve Mdden we go to BCBG, Victoria Secret, Express and DSW again. I buy the shoes I took a picture of earlier. Susie gets boots and running shoes.

We have plans to go to a restaurant, Sotto Mare in North Beach, but we are too tired. We drag our tired selves up the big hill, stopping to buy a bottle of wine for me.


When we get to the Ritz Carlton there are still all those people at the entrance. They say hello, welcome, welcome back. Okay, enough guys.

We have shopped until we dropped. We have been up since 4 am. Susie thinks briefly about going to the fitness center to work out, but says she feels like walking up that big hill was a workout.

Susie helps me open the wine. I look to see if they have a corkscrew and find a wine key. I almost take off a finger trying to use it. Afterwards Susie finds one of those winged corkscrews. I wish I had found that first.


I have a glass of wine while I peruse the room service menu. My feet hurt and I am tired.


We order room service and Susie tries on several of the cute things she bought today. Well, actually, that I bought her. Very cute, yes?


Room service arrives. I got a burger and fries.Sometimes you just gotta have one and nothing else will do.


Susan got this. It looks like a vegetarian Bahn Mi.


We got chocolate cake for dessert, but it didn’t impress.


We eat the food and then call room service to come get the dishes. We watch some crazy chef show, Susie’s favorite genré. I think it was Cutthroat Chef, or something.

I drink some more wine.  We go to sleep, to rest up for the food tour tomorrow.


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  1. The afternoon tea looks wonderful.

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