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We have arrived in San Francisco! I call for an Uber, we find it, and it’s an uneventful ride to the hotel, the Ritz Carlton. From the moment we arrive at the Ritz Carlton we are treated exceptionally nicely. The bellboys greet us as they open the car door and they take our luggage. There are a bunch of people standing around the entrance welcoming us. I suspect someone important was arriving that day because these people were at the front entrance all day, but not other days. We go to the front desk and Ashely checks us in. They only have a room with a king bed, which is fine. King beds are huge and I don’t mind sharing a bed with my daughter. I usually tend to be a little more protective of my space with other women I share rooms with, but this will all be good. I just hope my snoring doesn’t bother her, that close.

At the front desk Ashely asks us why we are here and what we plan to do. She starts out very polite and formal. We say we are going to go shopping, have tea at Neiman’s Rotunda and go on a walking food tour. She is really interested in the food tour. She proceeds to tell us about a cheese place in town and if we like cheese we should check it out. They do classes and tastings. She tells us she did a wine and cheese tasting there once with a friend. They didn’t think there would be that much wine, so they had cocktails beforehand. There ended up being a lot of wine and “we got really hammered.” It was pretty funny how she started out so reserved and by the end of our check-in she was telling us that.

We go to our room and shortly after, our bags arrive. It is a nice big room, with a nice big bathroom, which surprises me. The rooms at the Grand Hyatt are so tiny and the bathroom is tiny and I just thought that’s what hotels were like in downtown San Francisco.

There is lots of free water, which is good, but they charge $15 for internet, which is bad. Who still charges for internet? I manage to go without internet for the weekend, and just use my phone for internet.

I texted Nicholas before we left the airport, hoping that by the time we got to our hotel and checked in he would have arrived so we could all go to brunch there at the hotel. Perhaps if I had texted him before we left Denver he would have been there on time. I call him and he is still getting ready and hasn’t even left his house in Ocean View or Ocean Beach, or something with the name Ocean in it.

Susie and I are too hungry and that Mimosa is way too long overdue for us to wait for him, so we go to the restaurant, Parallel 37. I order a Mimosa and Susie orders a Bloody Mary. Susie orders Eggs Benedict, which are to die for good. I order crepes and berries, which are good, but not as good as Susie’s EB. The potatoes they serve with it are really good too.

I text Nicholas and he says he is on his way so I ask him if I should order him an Eggs Benedict. He replies, “yes, please.”

He takes an Uber from his house to the hotel. It takes him so long to get there that they have to make him a new EB because the first one sat there under the heat lamps too long. I wanted to say, “I’ll eat it!” But that surely would have embarrassed my children.

After we have all eaten, and I have had a Mimosa or two, Susie wants to find the fitness center. It is downstairs, but apparently there are two elevators that go downstairs and we take the wrong one and wander around the conference rooms for a bit before we realize there is no fitness center there. We ask in the lobby and they point us to the elevators that are right there and we finally find the fitness center. It is a nice fitness center, if you want to do that kind of thing when you’re on vacation. I don’t happen to be one of those people.

They have spa water all over the hotel, not just at the spa. Every day it has something different in it, cucumbers, berries, citrus. You will not go thirsty here.

Enough wandering around this hotel, point me in the direction of the shopping!


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