Girl’s Trip to San Francisco With My Favorite Girl

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Early in the summer Susie and I talked about going on a girl’s trip some time during the summer. If you are new to my blog, Susie is my daughter. She’s 26, but was 25 when we took our trip. She works as a preschool teacher and it’s hard for her to get time off. Keeping this in mind, we looked for a long weekend that would include a holiday. She had plans for July 4th, which fell on a weekend this year. That left Labor Day. With that decision made, we now had to decide where to go. I threw out the idea of Las Vegas. We had gone there for her 18th birthday and had a good time shopping and going to a show. She said she thought Las Vegas would be more appropriate for when she finished school. She has her degree in Spanish. She was that close to becoming a high school Spanish teacher when she decided to go for her Master’s in elementary education. She loves the kids she works with now and they love her. I kept reminding her that teenagers weren’t quite as lovable. In fact, they could be, and most of the time were, pretty hideous. She finally listened to me. At any rate, it was a thumbs down for Las Vegas.

I looked at the Broadmoor, which is a AAA five diamond resort in Colorado Springs, which is just an hour and a half drive from us. It is a nice hotel where we have spent a night or two various times. They have an awesome spa and good restaurants and the best Sunday brunch I have ever had. However, it was freakin’ expensive at $400 a night. For that much money we could fly somewhere.

Susie likes shopping and San Francisco has awesome shopping and we would get the added benefit of seeing Nicholas. Susie was on board for a weekend in the city by the Bay. As it turned out, Nicholas came home for a visit just the week before. That’s okay, we ended up not seeing much of him while we were there, so there was no danger of too much Nicholas (as if).

Zung and I usually stay at the Grand Hyatt in Union Square. I like to look at other options though and as it turned out, a package with the Ritz Carlton was cheaper. I had no idea it was up a big freakin’ hill from all the awesome shopping. I would find out though, and be reminded, again and again.

Our flight left at o’dark thirty. I checked us in online the day before and Zung drove us to the airport.


We were each taking carry on so we didn’t have to stop at the Frontier counter.

We got to see the sun come up!


We breezed through security and bought water and magazines. We went to Chef Jimmy’s but all we wanted were Mimosa’s and it was 6:40 and they don’t serve alcohol until 7 am. What? Why? WTF? We went to Caribou Coffee instead, and got pastries for the plane. We went to our gate.


We boarded. We were in Row 21, both had aisle seats so we were right across from each other. There were several babies in the vicinity, which is always a scary occurrence. They were all good though, aka happy and quiet. We passed the short 2 hour flight by the usual ways. We read magazines, I read my book on my Kindle and played Candy Crush. There’s nothing like Candy Crush to pass away some time in a totally mindless manner.


Before we knew it we were experiencing a nice smooth landing.

Where can I find a Mimosa around here?!


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