Finishing off our 35th

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We go to the Lobby Bar to finish our anniversary celebration. I start with a chocolate cake shot.

DSCN3556 DSCN3557

These things just go down way too easy.

Next up is a cucumber martini. Daniel shows me the new size they have. It’s a little bigger than the regular size.


I believe in drinking in moderation, so I choose the regular size.


We talk to Steve and Dawn and Eduardo about the difference between cookies and biscuits. Biscuits is the name Brits have for what I would call a cookie. Eduardo says cookies are on the internet.


It was lovely meeting Steve and Dawn.

We also talk about Eduardo’s love life, which, at the time, was very complicated. He has straightened it all out. He is now (December 2014) expecting a baby with his lady. He has also moved over to the Maya, so I won’t get to see his smiling face anymore.

I have another shot, followed by a chocolate martini, and finish off with a final shot.

I chat with Gabriel, the assistant GM, for quite a while.


We talk about the hotel, leadership styles of the different GM’s, his work history and his girlfriend. It was a lovely conversation. Getting to know the people who work at the Grand and make it such an amazing place is what makes these vacations so awesome. When I come back, it’s like visiting family and friends.

We stagger back to our room at about quarter to midnight. The maid has decorated our bed and drawn a bubble bath for us.



There is a plate with a chocolate sculpture and tuxedo strawberries. There is also a bottle of extra nice champagne. Zung took a picture of the strawberries, but not the champagne.


We did not drink the champagne. We’d had enough to drink. We took it home. We didn’t get in the bath either. It was pretty cool, and we were really too tired anyway. Staying up this late is pushing our limits.


It had really been a lovely day and the Grand had made it a memorable 35th anniversary.

Tomorrow is the sad, going home day.

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2 Responses to Finishing off our 35th

  1. julia says:

    I’ve been wondering if it’s allowed to bring alcohol back to the US from our vacation… how did you do it? I’ve never traveled internationally with anything to bring into the country on the way back… do you have to “claim” it when you come back?

    • shoediva50 says:

      It is allowed. You can bring 2 bottles per person. You can pack it in your checked bag or buy it in the duty free shop after you clear security and carry it on. You do have to declare it on your customs form, as you do for anything you buy while in MX.

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