35th Anniversary Romantic Dinner

We go into La Brisa and are greeted by a hostess and we walk through La Brisa and go outside to where our table is set up. We are greeted by Fanny, from PR. She gives me a red rose and there is another one on my plate and a couple in a vase. The table was lovely, and the view even more so.


It is breezy. They are still setting up the lights along the path. During the dinner the lights sparked and smoked and had to be turned off. Yikes!

The hotel photographer is there and takes several pictures and tells us we can come look at them tomorrow. We take a few of our own.



My hair is getting blown all over the place.

Luis, the sommelier, arrives with our wine and opens it. It is the perfect temperature and it tastes so good.


The food begins to arrive. I have ordered the vegetarian option. I am not vegetarian, but I was up for something different. It turns out to be my favorite of the three options. My first course is grilled asparagus with tomato vinaigrette. It is very good.



Zung has the ratatouille.



Next is the fettuccine for me. It is really good, but it is a huge portion.


Zung’s course has salmon with hollandaise. He likes it.



His tournedos is cooked perfectly.


My entree is good, but a little odd for the entree. It is mashed potatoes covered by spinach. It is good, but just seems like an odd choice as an entree.


We have a visitor. But I tell him, sorry dude, we are not sharing.



The sky is beautiful as the sun sets.

DSCN3542 DSCN3543Dessert comes. Our waiter has brought the food at a really nice pace.

DSCN3554 DSCN3555

DSCN3547It has been a lovely dinner. It has been a lovely day. And it is still not over yet. It’s our last evening. I’ve got some shots I need to do at the Lobby Bar!



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3 Responses to 35th Anniversary Romantic Dinner

  1. Ellen Geissel says:

    You look so beautiful Andrea!! What a lovely dinner-

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