Anniversary Lunch

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We go to Las Brisa for lunch and ask to sit by the windows. Raul is our waiter. Excellent! He takes our drink order. I order white wine and Zung orders a Victoria. Raul brings our drinks and then he comes back with a bottle of champagne “for your anniversary.” I don’t know how he knew it was our anniversary, or who arranged this, but it was a lovely surprise.


Zung has the shrimp fajitas. (Wow, now there’s a surprise).


I have fries and the tournedos. The tournedos is good. The fries are hot, but not crispy. WTH?


There is no coconut ice cream, so I ask for some. No problem!


We see them setting up for our beach dinner tonight.

We return to the beach and read, sun and nap.



Making sure I don’t get half-baked.


DSCN3508 DSCN3510 DSCN3516

Five o’clock rolls around and we go inside to get ready for our romantic anniversary dinner on the beach.

DSCN3520 DSCN3521


We go downstairs just before our 6:30 reservation time. The butler asks if we are ready for our dinner. Yes! Yes, we are. He asks if we want a ride and we say no, it is a close walk. He says, “Well, they told me that I have to give you a ride.” So we get in the gold cart and he drives us all around the resort to get there. It was pretty funny. When we arrived he tells us to wait there while he checks if they are ready. He comes back and takes us into Las Brisa.


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