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Anniversary day! It is sunny and bright. When we got married 35 years ago it rained for three weeks straight. The day of our wedding it was sunny and dry, like today. Except there was no beach.


We have breakfast at Bella Vista.

Zung stayed with his tried and true and never to be varied breakfast of an omelette.Nothing different here. Move along please.DSCN3491

I like to order the lobster blinis at least once, well, actually I never order it more than once. It is so rich. Once a vacation is about all I can handle. A normal order comes with three blinis but that is more than I can eat, so I order two. One of the nice and, let’s admit it, decadent things about the Grand is that you can eat lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


After breakfast we head to the beach. There are plenty of lounge chairs at both the pool and the beach, but the hotel is clearly not enforcing the no-chair saving rule they claim to have. When we arrive at the beach almost all of the front row chairs are being saved. At the pool there were plenty of cabanas as they have added more and this morning very few were being saved.

We find chairs and settle in for the day.

My happy place.

DSCN3494 DSCN3495


Now this is a gorgeous picture. I should print it out and frame it.


On a beautiful, sunny day like today, I am happy to just watch the boats float by.

DSCN3500 DSCN3501 DSCN3502

I would like a drink though, and no one comes by for a long time. I see Marcelino when I go back to the room at one point, but he is working the other side today. He says he will take my drink order though. When I get back to our chairs Zung says Reyes came by and he ordered our drinks. We did not end up with double drinks though. That’s okay. I’m really fine with just one drink at a time.

We make an appointment for our couples massage at the massage hut for noon.

We go for a walk. Zung says we need to do it right away or inertia will set in, I can’t argue with that. He wants to walk the way we always do but I insist we walk the other way, towards the Lindo and Maya. There are lots of short and noisy creatures, often referred to as children. The chairs seem so packed in. I’ve stayed at the Lindo and the Maya. It seems fine when you are there. But when you stay at the Grand where there is lots of space between palaces and only two chairs per palapa, it seems really packed in over at the Lindo and Maya.

We make our way back to the Grand rather quickly. Zung sits in the shade and I lay out in the sun. It is HOT.

We get our massages. We were very graciously given a 50 minute couples massage certificate when we checked in. The Grand has really made our 35th anniversary trip special. There are more treats to come.



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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures of the ocean. Love that beautiful blue color.

  2. Can’t wait for more Chica A!!

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