Mexican Restaurant Dinner

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We arrive back at the Grand and Jorge the bell boy gives us a ride back to our room. We take showers and make rum and cokes and rest on the balcony. Then we dress for dinner at the Mexican restaurant.



Zung gets an appetizer platter. I think it was intended for more than one person, so I have a bite or two. Neither one of us is very impressed.



I have the pumpkin soup, which is good, but I liked the Lima soup better, which Zung also has tonight.



He gets the fish tacos tonight.



I get the Lamb Mixiote,  which I did not like.


I think, but am not sure, that this is the tres leche cake.


I also think, but am not sure that this is the guava souffle.



I did not write any notes about what we thought about dessert. I did note, and do remember that we were not as impressed with our food at the Mexican restaurant this time. I would definitely go back, and try some of the other dishes.

Tonight is Daniel’s night off so we skip the lobby bar. Before we left for dinner I called room service and asked for a bottle of champagne. It is there when we get back to the room. We sit on the balcony, drink champagne, read and listen to the ocean, my favorite sound.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is our last full day. It is also our anniversary. 35 years.


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