Tami’s 50th Birthday at Now Jade

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We have to get up early today because we are going to Now Jade to see our friends Tami and Tom and Steph and Dan and meet the other people who are there with them. Today is Tami’s 50th birthday. I have set my alarm for 7 am, but I wake up at 6:30 and start worrying that I will forget the present I got for Tami. I get up and put it on the night table so I won’t forget it. We get up at 7 and go to breakfast.

To the north it is overcast, but it is pretty clear to the south.

DSCN3466 DSCN3458


Breakfast is the usual suspects. We don’t linger.

DSCN3468 DSCN3469


We go back to our room, asking the butler before we go up how long a drive it is to Now Jade. He says 20 minutes.

We get ready. I move the present to the area where my purses are. We pack our beach bag. We go down and ask for a ride to the lobby. The butler has to go get a golf cart for us and I suddenly realize I have forgotten the present! I go upstairs and get it and then we get our ride to the lobby. We ask for a taxi and I go in to the front desk to exchange some money. We have to wait a few minutes for a taxi. When it arrives we tell him where we are going and ask how much it will cost. he says $270 pesos. We get in and I ask how long it will take and he says 20 minutes.

We arrive and go in and Tami is waiting for us, along with Tom, Steph and Dan. Big hugs from everyone. Bear hug from Dan. I give Tami her present right away, because if I hold on to it, I am bound to forget it somewhere. It is a blue scarf that is really soft and gauzy. I hope she is a sot, blue gauzy scarf type of girl.

We have to get our wristbands. I take out my credit card to pay for our day passes, but Tami tells me she has already taken care of it. She will not have it any other way so I say thank-you and don’t argue with her.

They have not had breakfast so we go to the buffet and Zung and I have Mimosa’s. Several. We meet Tanner and Hailey, Tami and Tom’s kids, and several of the other people who are part of this group.

We go out to the beach. We sit and talk. You can see that they decorated the palapa with balloons for Tami’s birthday.



I am on the left. Pam is in the black. Tami is in the red, and Steph is on the right.

The sun is out today and it is HOT!

When lunch time rolls around we go to the buffet for lunch. There is a huge variety of food. I get a few things and go back a couple of times. Steph appears next to me at the table and has a plate of french fries because she knows how much I like them. They are pretty good and we have a good laugh about it.


The waiter comes by with dessert for Tami with a candle in it. We sing the Happy Birthday song.


Then they bring her a Mexican Flag shot. Her expression in this picture is priceless.



We stop at the coffee shop next so some people can get frozen drinks. We take the opportunity for a photo-op. Tom is on the right.



We go back out to the beach. We talk some more. We go in the water. It is bathwater warm. There is a little girl named Michelle who is two years old on the beach. She comes over and I teach her how to high-five.

We talk some more. Next year they are going to Secrets Playa Mujeres at the end of June. Helen (no picture of her) says I should come. Zung’s birthday is at the end of June, so I think this may work out. I say we will come for three nights and Tami says four. I tell them that they are a bossy bunch. I think it will be fun. But I cannot really come to the Riviera Maya without going to the Grand, so we will do a split stay.

It is time for us to leave. We go to the lobby and retrieve our passports. A taxi comes and we are told it will be $35. I say that is a lot more than we paid this morning to get there. He says it is a different union. I think that is BS, but there is not much I can do about it. It turns out that I was wrong. There are different rates depending on where you leave from, even if it is to and from the same place. I humbly stand corrected.

We get back to the Grand. I am exhausted. Anytime I leave the resort, I come back exhausted. It was worth it though. I am really glad we got to see everyone and got to help Tami celebrate her milestone birthday.


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  1. What did you think of their resort? I have been looking at it

    1. It seemed nice. I only really saw the beach and buffet and lobby. Meal service was good. Drink service on the beach was good, but the drinks themselves weren’t very good. Food was ok. This is a lower end resort than the Grand, where I usually stay, so it’s not really fair to compare.Tai thought it was pretty nice.

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