Martini’s and Shots and Havana on the Rocks

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It is late afternoon when we decide to do a photoshoot. The theme is Havana on the rocks.

Here are the rocks.


Here’s the Havana. From several angles.





DSCN3413 DSCN3414


Which is your favorite?

We watch the wedding and then return to the room, shower and relax on the balcony.


We dress for dinner and head off to Toni’s.



We start with a nice bottle of wine. This Muga Rioja is one of our favorites.



Seafood app.




Ceasear salad.



We both get the rib eye, which are thin, but taste delicious. I had a rib eye last night that was much thicker, but it was enough to feed me for three dinners. I don’t have any issues with the size of the rib eye at the Grand.


DSCN3432 DSCN3433



Zung has some dessert.


Then we are off to the Lobby Bar, where Daniel makes a bunch of goofy faces.

DSCN3443 DSCN3444 DSCN3446 DSCN3447 DSCN3448


I tell him I want to try a shot tonight. I don’t want tequila. I don’t want anything that tastes alcohol-ey. He recommends a chocolate cake shot.



That is exactly what it tastes like. It would be easy to do a bunch of these, but I won’t.

Lisa, one of my Trip Advisor/Facebook friends comes by with her hubs. She’s a Grand regular too. I think this is her fourth visit.

DSCN3454 DSCN3455

A couple at the end of the bar says, “Chocolate cake shots for everyone!” Oh no! It would be rude to refuse.

I have a cucumber martini. I finish off the evening with a chocolate martini.



Tomorrow we have to get a fairly early start. We are going to Jade Now resort to visit my good friend Tami and her crew.

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6 Responses to Martini’s and Shots and Havana on the Rocks

  1. NiceNewYorker says:

    Love all the shoe pics!! Those shoes rock Chica A!!!

  2. Mon says:

    First picture is my favorite.

  3. Jack says:

    Ahh, chocolate cake shots… A liquid form of dessert ? I would have most likely over indulged, Andrea. Nice dress btw ! Best dressed lady at the resort ­čśÄ

  4. f1spd says:

    I’m heading to the Grand in a couple of weeks. Are there any issues with seaweed at the moment? I heard there was a lot of it earlier this year, but it looks good there in your pictures.

  5. Lisa says:

    Andrea, you know it would be very rude to refuse “bar shots” love the shoes

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