The art of doing nothing

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Saturday morning brings sun that is trying desperately to peek through the clouds. I think it can, I think it can!


We go to Bella Vista for breakfast and see Heidi and Luis. We say good-bye to them again. It has been really nice getting to meet them and spend some time with them. Hopefully, we’ll get to do it again some time.

Breakfast is pretty much the same as it has been the previous days.



I certainly enjoy having someone cook breakfast for me every morning. I love eating bacon every morning. My true guilty pleasure though, is having black tea, fully caffeinated, with milk and sugar. I don’t allow myself caffeinated tea at home. It is one of my very favorite parts of vacation.


We are hoping for a sunny day. However, the clouds won the battle and it is overcast by the time we get out to the beach.

I go way to the south end of the beach, in the hopes of it being quiet. Zung wants to go for a walk right away, convinced that if our butts hit the lounge chairs, they will never get up. He is probably right.

I insist that this time we walk down past the Lindo and Maya. There are many small, noisy creatures. I think they call them children. They are not allowed at the Grand. The Grand sometimes has large, noisy creatures. They are called drunk adults.

When we get back to our nice, quiet chairs, we settle our butts on them and read and drink and nap.

We listen to the songs of the sea.


We take an intermission from our reading, drinking and napping to go eat lunch. We both have the shrimp fajitas again. They were definitely worth revisiting.



And, of course…

DSCN3391…fresh, hot and crispy…well, that’s what I ordered. These fries are none of those. Boo! I don’t send them back. That would just be obnoxious. My attitude is that if this particular meal isn’t that good, there will be another one, very soon.

We see Dawn and Steve. They are quite fried. Ouch!

We return to the beach, where they are setting up for a wedding. There was a wedding yesterday. I wonder why they don’t just leave it up overnight when they are back to back like that. They do not though.


I try to take a picture of my toes in the sand. It doesn’t come out the way I wanted, but it’s kind of a cool picture.






I settle in for an afternoon of reading, drinking and of course napping.




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  1. What, no pic of you in your evening finery as you head out for dinner ? How disappointing ! Haha..

    1. Haha! There is still the whole evening to blog. And a photo shoot before that! Don’t doubt me, Jack!

  2. I would never doubt you Andrea, waiting with bated breath ! 😆

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