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It’s Friday! It starts out like every other day, overcast.


We have ordered room service for breakfast. We requested delivery for 8-8:30. They usually deliver at the earlier part of the widow, so we expected it at 8. It did not arrive until 8:30. I ordered 2 eggs over medium and they have delivered 2 hard-boiled eggs. At least they peeled them. I have ordered a Mimosa and they have delivered this.


After breakfast I go out to the beach and just keep going back to the room for more Mimosas. If Zung had gone out with me I would have just taken everything out to the beach with me. By the time I have had enough, I have drunk half of the bottle of champagne. I call that a good start to the day.

Heidi comes by and we chat. I am really glad that she is here because it makes it more enjoyable to be spending half of the day without Zung.

At 12:30 I go up to our room. Zung is on a conference call with his partners. I tell them that I am taking him on vacation for the weekend. They laugh and say okay. In reality, he has another conference call in the afternoon.

We go to Las Brisa for lunch. Zung almost always get the shrimp fajitas, and he does today. I have never had them and I decide it is time I give them a try. They are good!


I also ask for an order of fresh, hot and crispy fries. They are perfect! I am pretty sure the waiters turn away after I order and roll their eyes. I have, however, learned through trial and error that this is the way I have to order them to get them the way I like them.


I check out the desserts and there is no coconut ice cream. I ask our waiter for some and he brings a big bowl. Yum. We eat it all.


Luis, the sommelier, comes by and we talk about wine for our anniversary dinner.

After lunch, Zung returns to the room for his conference call and I return to the beach. I have fed my body and now I need to feed my soul.

Heidi comes by again. We chat. It has really been fun hanging out with her.


Zung finally comes out.

They are setting up for a wedding (you can see it in the background of the picture with Heidi).

We don’t have the most pleasant of neighbors. There are chatty people who smoke on one side. On the other side is a loud guy who seems to enjoy screwing with the vendors. He offers them ridiculous prices and doesn’t seem to have any intention to buy anything. That is just obnoxious. The vendors walk up and down the beach all day long in the hot sun. They don’t bother you if you don’t indicate any interest. They are just trying to make a living. There is no reason to be a jerk with them. I can’t stand mean-spirited people and this guy is grating on my nerves with his behavior. Instead of creating a scene by telling this guy what a jerk he is, we just go back to the room. In spite of the smokers and jerk on the beach, it has been a pleasant day.


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  1. It’s been said before, money doesn’t necessarily buy class… Dude on the beach proved that.
    A simple no gracias, is what most people would say.
    The same jerk would go to the Grand and complain that no one speaks English.
    Hope you didn’t have to endure his behaviour again…

  2. Exactly! And no, I did not. I have never experienced an obnoxious vendor. Wish I could say the same for some of the guests.

  3. Love your blog!!!
    Who is “Luis, the sommelier” ?
    I think it might a guy we know…

    1. There are pictures of him. I’ll have to check where they are. Super nice guy.

      1. No need to find a picture.. I found the photo you posted of Luis and Zung.
        It is the same guy!! We meet him years ago at a different resort.
        Next time you see him tell him Mike and Cathy from Colorado said hi..

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