Dinner at Haiku

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We get ready for dinner at Haiku, the Asian restaurant. I got this dress from White House Black Market. I get a lot of my dresses there.



I know we got appetizers because we always do, but obviously my photographer was slacking.

Zung got the salmon. He liked it.



I got the beef filet dish, which I like a lot. We both got the fried rice, like we always do.


A lot of people want to know which restaurant is the best. Food is really subjective. My favorite has changed from visit to visit. I tend to feel the Asian, Mexican and Toni’s are lighter and more informal. The Italian and Gourmet are heavier and more formal. I have dishes at all of the restaurants that I like. I recommend trying them all if you are there enough nights. People will also ask what restaurants the other hotels on the complex are worth visiting. The gourmet restaurants at the Lindo and Maya are good and kids under 12 are not allowed. The Cajun at the Lindo is really good, but it does allow children. I personally have never left the Grand for dinner. We also have never stayed longer than 8 nights, so we don’t get bored. If you want a lighter dinner there is always the buffet or the Tacqueria at the shopping center.

We enjoyed our dinner.



We finished it off with the mango dessert.


As we have every night, we head to the Lobby Bar after dinner. Brian is there, getting his wife a cucumber mojito. They are going to go to Playa tonight. I gotta do that one evening. She says she likes the drink and off they go.

Heidi and Luis show up. They tell us that they had reservations at Toni’s, but wanted to eat earlier than the time of their reservations. The concierge told them they would have to wait until a certain time to try to change them. They decided to just swing by the restaurant and see if they could accommodate them. They are able to, and do it with a smile. It has been my experience that if they are able to, they will accommodate you. Obviously they can’t do this all the time, but they will if they can. However, if you just hate reservations, it’s best to find another hotel. Some people have written on forums that they just showed up and asked to be seated. You can imagine the kind of chaos this could cause. I personally have not had any real issues with the reservations system. I prefer having a reservation to waiting and carrying a beeper. That always reminds me of Applebees.

There is a younger guy at the bar and Daniel is talking to him a lot. Charly comes by to say hi. He tells us that tomorrow is his day off. Heidi and Luis leave. Daniel disappears and another bartender comes out. Last year his name tag said “Juan” but this time it says something different. We joke that they probably have a pile of name tags and if someone forgets theirs, they just pick one from the pile.

We call it a night and go back to the room. Zung realizes he has forgotten his camera and phone. The bar has these little places underneath where he tucked them and forgot them. He goes back to get them and I go up to the room.

It was another great day. And we are only halfway through our vacation. There are more good times to be had.



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  1. NiceNewYorker says:

    Great dress!!

  2. monica says:

    Love the dress. I hope his phone and camera were still there.

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