Morning Routine

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Thursday morning we wake up at 8 o’clock, which is very late for us. It is still cloudy. No sunrise pictures today. No Zungrise pictures either, in view of the fact that the sun rose an hour and a half ago.


We go to breaky at Bella Vista, just like we do every day. We see Heidi and her crew. There is a large group. I know it is a group because they all are wearing red shirts. I see Raphael and I ask him about the group. It is a Mexican company. He reassures me they should not impact the rest of us because they will be in meetings all day and they have a private dinner tonight. I think it would be torture to be at a place like the Grand and not be able to go to the beach or pool. If I have to be in meetings all day, send me to Cleveland.

I tell Raphael how much we enjoyed the new Mexican restaurant, and it is nice for people like us who have been here so many times to have somewhere new to eat dinner. He tells me about some of the other changes/improvements. They have more cabanas at the pool. He also says they have more “umbrellas” at the beach, but I honestly can’t say I have noticed this. Perhaps this is in the future.

Zung has an Olivia omelette.


I will spare you the picture of my half eaten breakfast.

After breakfast we go back to our room and proceed with our morning routine. Zung stays in the room to work and I go out to the beach to not work.

I settle in to chairs and then some people sit nearby. It is a group of people and they are noisy. I consider moving. Then they start smoking and I am out of there. I move down the beach a little, but still stay in the section that is in front of my building, on the south side.

It is still mostly cloudy but it is brighter today and there are brief periods of actual sun. I don’t think they are frequent enough to qualify as an actual, bona fide sunny day. The weather does seem to be improving though.

I go in the water. I walk down to where Heidi is camped out, which is in front of her building on the north side. We chat for a while. Humberto comes by and we chat for a bit. He tells me he did a week of night shift at the Lobby Bar and it was so boring because no one came in until 6 am. I wonder if they are going to keep the 24 hour bar thing going?

I go back to my chair and Zung is there with a Margarita. I guess his work day is OVER!


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