Afternoon Activities and the new Mexican restaurant

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We are looking forward to the wine tasting and cooking class. It takes me so long to get Zung that when we come back to the pool Ricky and Heidi have gone in the pool and gone to the pool bar and gotten drinks and are back waiting for the cooking class to start.

Alejandra is doing the cooking class today. She has a Star Friend  helper (and I use that term loosely). She does a couple of variations of guacamole.


DSCN3260 DSCN3263 DSCN3264


Luis the sommelier (not to be confused with Luis, Heidi’s husband) does the wine tasting. We taste a few wines and then go in to Las Brisa to eat lunch.

I failed to take pictures because we were having such a good time. Ricky and I got the Tournedos and I know Zung got the shrimp fajitas. Even if I hadn’t put that in my notes, it would have been a pretty good guess to say he did, since he does about 95% of the time.

We return to the beach for more drinks and talking. It is soon time for Ricky to think about leaving. He has been here since 8 am and had breakfast, and drinks, and lunch and drinks and then, for good measure, some more drinks. There is one more drink he has to have before he leaves. And it is in the Lobby Bar. We take him through the spa on the way to the lobby.


At the Lobby Bar, Daniel makes us all Cucumber Mojitos.

DSCN3267We “horse” around on the way back to the beach.



We walk Ricky back to the beach and declare that this has been a truly awesome day! It was so great to hang out with Heidi and Ricky. We chat in a group all the time on Facebook (we missed you – Suzanne (aka Meemaw), Jill, Craig and Janette). However, hanging out in person is something else all together. Look out Playa del Carmen, if we ALL ever manage to get together.

We say goodbye to Ricky, and Zung and I go back to the room and order chips and guac and salsa. There are t-shirts in our room. There is a new surprise in our room every day!

We get ready for dinner.



We go down to see the concierge to make dinner reservations for Monday, which is our anniversary. She is busy and Victor, the head butler, is there. He tells us he will take care of it so that we don’t have to wait.

Dinner tonight is at the new Mexican restaurant. It is in Las Brisa, so it is just a short walk. We have really been looking forward to eating here. Our waiter is named Humberto. He is one of the happiest people I have ever met. He smiles the whole time and sings and dances. He is a delight.



For apps we both have soup. Zung has the pumpkin soup.



I have the Lima soup, which Humberto tells me is, “what we eat when we have had too much tequila.” I am safe from having too much tequila, since I don’t like tequila.


There is a roving mariachi band. It is nice to have some music.

I have the tacos el pastor and they are SO good!



Zung orders the fish tacos, but they bring him shrimp tacos. He likes shrimp so much and they are so good that he doesn’t care about the error. We both enjoyed our entrees and our soup immensely.



Dessert was ordered.

DSCN3280 DSCN3281

I can’t remember what we ordered, but I didn’t like mine very much. Zung’s came with coconut ice cream, so I asked the delightful Humberto if I could just have some coconut ice cream. At the Grand, they are happy to accommodate. It was delicious. The strawberry in my bowl looks like an alligator.



Heidi and Luis and his sister and her friend are eating there too. I am interested to know what they think of the food.


After dinner we walked to the Lobby Bar and saw Gabriel, the Assistant General Manager. I tell him how much we enjoyed the new Mexican restaurant. It was good food and it was good to have something new. After 13 trips some variety is nice.




We arrive at the Lobby Bar and I start ordering martinis.

Cucumber martinis.


Chocolate martinis.



I wrote in my notes “three martinis per hour”… not quite sure what I meant by that!

We chatted again with Brian, Chad and Sam. I watched everyone that came up to the bar order cucumber mojitos. Okay, not everyone. Two. Two people ordered cucumber mojitos. If you are new to my blog, you need to know, Daniel makes cucumber mojitos because I asked him to a few years ago. Between the two of us, we came up with a good recipe and the drink and Daniel are famous for it. It’s not a drink for everyone. But it’s pretty damn good.

We see Ahleli.


We go back to our room and after my three martinis per hour, I sleep well.



Today was a really lovely day. Getting to hang out with Ricky and getting to eat at the new Mexican restaurant made it a really special day. And the good times keep rolling.



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  1. Humberto was my waiter as well for both visits to the Mexican in May. At the time he must of been fairly new since he would sing and dance but then stop suddenly and look around to make sure he wasn’t getting in trouble. He was a very fun waiter and I let him order both meals for me which were very good. I agree it’s nice to have something new after so many repeat trips.

  2. I had a truly magical day visiting such long time good friends. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed. Thanks for being such gracious hosts. I look forward to our next meet-up!

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