Ricky Comes to Hang Out For the Day!

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I have set my alarm for 7:30 so that I am presentable by 8 am, when we are meeting Ricky. I am actually surprised that we are still asleep when the alarm goes off. There is no sunrise or Zungrise, so Zung takes a picture of what it is…


…which is overcast. Again. The sun tries to make an appearance, but it’s not happening. But it is dry and warm. I’ll take it.



We get dressed and get downstairs at five before eight, and Ricky is waiting. This man is punctual! Thank goodness. I appreciate punctuality. We walk to the lobby to get his day pass. The girl at the lobby desk asks for his name, the room number. She looks in the book. She seems perplexed. I finally tell her that I had emailed Fanny from PR about it. Oh!, she says. She goes in the back and when she comes back out, she has it all figured out.

A day pass is normally $120 and gets you in from 8am until 6pm. The hotel very graciously extended a loyalty discount because he is a friend of mine, so it was only $90. They give him a bracelet and ask for his passport and say they will keep it. I had been wondering how they make sure you leave.

We head back and Heidi finds us. We see Dawn and Steve and they are REALLY sunburned from our walk yesterday. We go to Bella Vista for breakfast. We all get Mimosas!

DSCN3255 DSCN3256

Luis has mango. I didn’t see mango! I go back and ask for some mango. They bring me a big plate of mango. At the Grand, just ask!



I see Olivia and give her a hug and tell her happy birthday.

After breakfast we go to the beach.


Luis comes and naps. Heidi, Ricky and I talk and talk and talk! We go in the water and talk. We come back to our chairs and talk some more. We order drinks in between talking.

When we get tired of talking, we go in search of the wine tasting. We have arrived early, so I go in search of Zung. The work day is over!



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