Dinner, the bar and my new OMG drink

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We are hungry when we get back to the room, so we call room service (I love that little room service button on the phone, wish I could find a phone at home that has that) and order chips, guac, and salsa. Yummm!


We do NOT eat it all. I should remember to say it is just for one person. That would be plenty for the both of us.

We shower and dress for dinner. I got this dress from H&M. I love it. Both H&M and the dress.





We are eating at Venecia, the Italian. We get a ride from one of the butlers. Everytime they give us a ride, they always ask if everything is ok, is there anything we need. One of these times I am going to think of something really outrageous to ask for, just to see what happens.

We see Raphael again, outside of Venecia. We say hello and he asks how everything is. We say everything is wonderful. Except for the weather. Where is the good weather I ordered?!

We are seated. We order wine. We order food. We have this routine down. I work hard at getting food and wine ordering perfected.

Zung has the calamari for his app.


I have the salmon carpaccio.


They bring us this platter before they brought the apps, it was accompanied by foccacia. The foccacia is very soft, not in a great way either.


I have the lamb. The lamb itself was well cooked, but I can’t say I loved the sauce.


Zung has the ravioli. He is not wowed by it.


He has the fresh fruit for dessert. He likes this ALOT!


I have the panna cotta. It is just okay. I don’t finish it. I try not to consume calories if they are not awesome.

DSCN3230When we are eating, Alejandra, the PR chef comes over to ask how everything is. I suddenly remember that today is Olivia’s birthday and I forgot to wish her a happy birthday when I saw her earlier. I ask Alejandra to tell her Happy Birthday for me.

They bring us a survey. I fill it out, but even with reading glasses, the print is SO tiny. It is really hard to read it.

I had LASIK in July 2013. I had the mono vision procedure, which means one eye was corrected for distance and the other eye was corrected for close up. My distance vision has been good, but my close up, not so much. They did another procedure in November and told me that was as good as it was going to get. I got reading glasses, but after several months decided it really wasn’t good enough and called up and said, this is not acceptable, (this was at the end of June). They said they could fix it some more. They did, and it is SO much better. Moral of the story? Be a squeaky wheel. After this procedure, I was able to ditch the reading glasses.

Oops! I have digressed again, as I am want to do.

We muddle through the survey.

A gentleman comes over and says his wife reads my blog. She comes over. She seems a little embarrassed. She had actually PM’ed me on Trip Advisor with a couple of questions. They are on their honeymoon. I had noticed her when they came in because she has on really great shoes and a really pretty dress. I ask if they will be in the bar later because I want to get their picture. They say yes, but I never saw them and never did get their picture. They were very nice and very well dressed and really cute.

After dinner, we go to the bar.

We see Jessica and Erik and chat with them for a while. They are leaving early tomorrow morning.

Charly comes by to say hi. Charly is, the best butler ever!

DSCN3231 DSCN3232 DSCN3233

Daniel makes me a cucumber mojito Then he makes me a chocolate martini.



Zung has his favorite, a margarita or two. He says Daniel makes the best margaritas!

DSCN3237 DSCN3238


I tell Daniel I want to try something new. I declare I want to try something new every day. Daniel suggests a cucumber martini. OMG! So good! I drink three.

DSCN3240 DSCN3241 DSCN3242 DSCN3244 DSCN3245


I don’t usually like martinis (except for chocolate ones) because the alcohol taste is too strong. But these are so delicious. It might be my new favorite drink.

A lady from Holland comes over to say hi. She reads my blog, she is here with her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. Her name is Alyona. Such a pretty name.

I am such a freaking rock star!



There was another couple that Daniel introduced me to, but I didn’t write down their names. They are Grand frequent fliers as well.



Then there were these characters (and I mean that in the nicest way), Brian, Sam and Chad. We saw them most nights at the bar. Super nice guys.



We eventually make our way back to our room, where there is a bubble bath waiting.


Hmm, looks like it is time to call it a day and go to sleep.

Tomorrow Ricky is coming to hang with us here at the Grand!


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