Hitting the beach solo and going for a walk in a group

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Tuesday morning arrives and it is overcast. There are no sunrise picture opportunities.


Morning in Mexico means breakfast at Bella Vista, where there are always picture opportunities.

DSCN3191 DSCN3192


The second picture is my breakfast. You can see I ate a balanced breakfast, eggs, tater tots, croissant, bacon and a Mimosa. I got all of the important five or six food groups. It just depends on whether a Mimosa covers one food group or two.

I see Heidi and she says she is going to walk down to Catalonia Maroma to find Rick later this morning.

After breakfast we go back to our room and establish our routine. Zung has to work, so he stays in the room and works until lunch. I do not have to work, so I go out to the beach.

The chairs have new pads that hook over the back so they don’t slide down. They are also 2-3x thicker than the old ones. They have also added cabanas by the main pool and now there are about twice as many as there used to be. These are all great improvements. However, the Tranquility pool now has crummy plastic loungers with striped pads like the ones at the Lindo and Maya. What the hell is up with that? I don’t spend time at the Tranquility pool, so it doesn’t affect me but it seems odd, given all the improvements everywhere else.

There are plenty of chairs available at the beach, and I saw plenty at the pool as well. I guess iffy weather will do that.

My special lounge chair and I have our reunion. “You have come to see me alone this time?” he asks when I lay down. I tell him no. Not alone. Just for the moment. Isn’t that the way it always is? They know you are married, yet they are always looking for an opening.

I take out my Kindle and read. As I mentioned before (I think I did anyway), my favorite author is Elin Hildebrand and she comes out with a book each summer. This year Amazon was giving away the first five chapters of her new book, The Matchmaker. I knew I was taking a risk when I started reading it. The complete book is not out until June 10th. It can take me months to get through five chapters of most other books, but I devour her books. True to form, I finish the five chapters I have and feel frustrated that I have to read another book before I find out what happens. I don’t want to read another book. I want to read this book. NOW!

That is just too bad for me. I either pick another book, or I go without.

I have many books on my Kindle that I have not read, but I don’t remember what they are about and the wi-fi does not reach where I am on the beach. I have heard it reaches the back row of chairs, but I am in the front row.

Reyes is doing the early drink service and I ask him if he will bring me a Mimosa. He has one on his tray and gives me that one. Marcelino arrives a little bit later and we chat. He tells me he has looked at my blog. I asked him what he did yesterday when it was raining so much. He said he went to the Lobby Bar and helped out Alex because it was busy there and no one was at the beach. I asked him if they do drink service at the spa pool when the weather is bad because I know it gets busy in there. He said no because it is not safe to drink alcohol and then go in the warm water. I tell him about the time when my kids were here with us and we ordered a bottle of champagne (sparkling wine) on the beach and it started to rain so we took it to the spa pool. We even have pictures of us drinking it IN the water.



Oops! I probably wouldn’t have done it if I’d know it was against the rules. I’m generally a rule abiding kind of girl.

Heidi comes by with a whole bunch of people, Luis, Luis’s sister and her friend, Dawn and Steve. They are going to walk down the beach to find Ricky at Catalonia Maroma. I go with them. As we walk, we go past a big pile of rocks that people have been making sculptures out of by stacking the rocks on top of each other. When I was looking through some pictures from our trip in January and we had taken pictures of these sculptures, so this has been going on at least since January. If you can zoom in on the picture below you can see there are two sculptures in the back.



There are a lot more now.

DSCN3313 DSCN3314 DSCN3315


We arrive at Cat Maroma and find Ricky right away. We all go in the water, which is cool, but feels really good once I’m used to it.

I start thinking about Zung coming out to the beach and not being able to find me so I say I am going to head back. The Grand crew comes with me and we agree to meet Ricky tomorrow in front of my building. He is going to get a day pass and hang out with us and get to experience all the Grand has to offer.

We walk back. Dawn makes a comment about swelling. It turns out that she and Steve got a nasty sunburn. The moral of that story is always wear sunscreen, even when you can’t see the sun.

When we get back to the Grand I go to our room and tell Zung his work day is over. It is lunch time!


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