Meeting up with old friends and new

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We enjoy our first Havana rum and Cokes of our vacation.

The phone rings and it is Charly (aka the best butler ever). He has just called to say hello. He is working in Building 70, the other ocean front building. I tell him my friends Heidi and Luis are there and to say hello.

I get dressed for dinner. I had taken notes on what I was going to wear, what dress with what shoes and what jewelry. I cannot find it. I am steamed because I spent a lot of time putting it together. It had been on my Notes on my iPad and I just can’t figure out where it disappeared to. I manage to put myself together in spite of not being able to locate my notes.



I am wearing my red patent leather Christian Louboutins. Karen, my BFF said they looked like they came from Payless, so I always refer to them as my Payless shoes. Karen, if you are reading this and wondering if you will ever live that comment down, the answer is no. No you will not.

Dinner tonight is at L’Atelier, the French/Gourmet restaurant. One of the butlers gives us a ride to the restaurant and he gives us towels to cover up with so we don’t get wet. It is not raining as hard but there is still a lot of wet.

He drops us by Bella Vista so we have to walk up the stairs and then across to the stairs that go down to our restaurant. I can’t remember why he didn’t drive around and drop us right outside L’Atelier. I think it was to minimize exposure to the wet. When we are walking down the stairs we see the General Manager, Raphael. We stop and chat briefly.

We are seated and order a bottle of one of our favorite wines, Daimon Rioja. We order, and are first brought an amuse bouche. It is a quarter of a quail egg in a red sauce. It was tasty.



We see Olivia and exchange a warm hug. We ask how baby Benjamin is doing and she says great and he is growing so big.

Our appetizers are brought out. I have ordered the cheese soufflé, which is very good.


Zung has ordered the Bouillabaisse and he likes it.


For his entree he has ordered the Turbot Meuniere. He likes this dish a lot.



I have ordered the Hake filet stuffed with shrimp in champagne sauce. It is just okay. Kind of overcooked.



Zung gets the Tarte Tatin, or rather, their version of it, for dessert. I am going to have a chocolate martini at the Lobby Bar for dessert.


We see Luis, the sommelier and chat with him.

Then we head off to the Lobby bar and see the adorable Daniel.


He makes us cucumber mojitos. I’m not sure which I enjoy more, Daniel’s cucumber mojitos or Daniel’s smile.

Daniel always makes sure to give me a healthy rum floater in my cucumber mojitos. If I can’t actually SEE it, I make him give me another.


After I slurp down my cuke mo, I ask Daniel for on of his delicious chocolate martinis. He does the martini dance.

DSCN3185 DSCN3186



They have to put all martinis in these ice filled glasses. I guess to help it stay cold? Honestly, if your martini is getting warm, you aren’t drinking it fast enough.

Dawn and Steve Fuller from the UK come by and say hello. Dawn and I have chatted online for a few years, so it is nice to get to meet her in person.

Eduardo comes by and says hello. I catch up on his love life. It has gotten a little complicated. Too complicated to report on here. (Update: Eduardo is now working over at the Maya and says he’s liking it a lot).



A guy comes over and asks if we have been here before. His name is Erik and he and his wife have been here fourteen times. He remembers talking to us before and he remembers Zung races cars. Zung shows him a picture of his new race car. Erik is a state trooper and they talk about driving and fast cars.

Heidi and Luis arrive and sit with us and Luis and Zung talk fast cars. Heidi and I talk, well about the things women talk about. Heidi and I have been in a group conversation on Facebook for a couple of years, so meeting her is merely a formality. We are now just actually saying the words in stead of typing them.

They live in North Carolina, but Luis grew up in Mexico.


It gets late and we all get tired. We go back to our room and go to sleep. I sleep well.  The cucumber mojitos and chocolate martinis may have helped. I go to sleep wishing for clear weather tomorrow, but I know the forecast does not support that wish.

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  1. Jack says:

    Ahh… Two of my favorite memories from the Grand: Cucumber mojitos and Chocolate martinis . Thanks Andrea !

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