Cotongna and getting hooked up

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Nicholas doesn’t come out. The fruits of his labor do though.

The manager of Cotongna brings us out a platter of the canapés that Nicholas, and Ryan, his co-worker, make. They are little bites of unique and thoughtful combinations of food products. Unique and delicious.



This is such a treat! We are thrilled.

And not at all prepared for what comes next.

More food that Nicholas and Ryan make.

Beet and apple granita (who thinks of these combinations? – I had never eaten beets before this trip and they are now one of my favorite vegetables).


Then they brought this. I can’t remember what it was, other than lemony and delicious.



Eating at Cotongna and getting to eat some Quince food was such a treat! They weren’t done with us yet though.

Zung had ordered broccoli soup. They came and told us that they didn’t want me to not get to enjoy the soup, so they were bringing me some too. Wait! I wanted to say, I don’t like broccoli. That would have been rude though and, as it turned out, the soup was very good. Although, I’m pretty sure broccoli is not going to be my next new favorite vegetable.


It has not been that long since we ate lunch. At this point, I could call it a good and filling dinner. But there are entrees to be served. And, of course, something extra. Along with our entrees they bring a side of pasta with duck for us.

I had a seafood stew.


Zung had scallops.


The pasta and duck dish (delish!).



I can’t finish my entree. I am just too stuffed. Too stuffed for dessert. We get our check and leave a big tip.

We leave and the manager comes out after us and asks if we want to go say hi to Nicholas.

Can we do that? That would be awesome!

He goes in first. We watch through the window. He stands against the wall, waiting to be acknowledged. It seems SO intense. Michael Tusk is in the kitchen tonight.

The manager comes out and takes us into Quince and into the kitchen. As we got through the front the staff see us and recognize us and say hi (surprised they remember us from just that one time we were here).

We see Nicholas. Get to meet Ryan, his culinary partner in crime. We see Michael Tusk, but Nicholas does not introduce us (he tells us later he was not in a great mood that night). We don’t stay long because the mood is INTENSE. These people are working hard to bring the guests an excellent experience.

There is always the great debate about whether a dining experience like this is worth the money spent. That can only be answered by the individual. For us, it was an amazing experience. But you have to enjoy excellent and innovative food, and flawless service. I can tell you that a lot of thought and preparation goes into each dish that is brought out to you. And I am so proud that my boy is part of that.

We return to the hotel and go to sleep early. We have an early flight. We paid for a night, which is usually, from check in to check out, 21 hours. We were in this room for about 13 hours. No discount.

In the morning we got an Uber and went to the airport. We got breakfast. Looks like Bennie’s and an omelette. I honestly can’t remember, or where we got it from.

DSCN2266 DSCN2267


The flight was unmemorable.

It was a great trip! Can’t wait to return. I love seeing my boy and I have fallen seriously in love with Napa.


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