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I remember once, a manager telling me I need to be like water. This was just after she told me I needed to switch offices. I asked her what the water comment meant and she said I need to flow around obstacles.

This was going to be a day that I needed to be like water.

We check out of the hotel and ask them to store our luggage. We walk to Neiman Marcus and take the escalator up to the Rotunda restaurant. We are going to eat lunch. On our last trip, we had afternoon tea here and I saw lots of things on the menu that looked good.

We are just sitting down and I hear the chime that indicates a text has come in on my phone. I look at it and it says our flight has been canceled. I have an app, Flight Stats, that lets me know if there are any changes to my flight status.

Crap! I cannot believe it has been canceled when the temps are in the 30’s and it is not snowing today.

I order a martini. We have some major regrouping to do.


(My hair looks flat and terrible because I ran out of hair spray. I’m pretty sure I could singlehandedly keep the hair spray industry in business. It is my favorite hair product.)

I look again at the weather and it looks fine. WTH? Zung calls to re-book our flight. Our original flight was the last flight out and the next flight is tomorrow morning at 7 am. He asks why our flight was cancelled and is told a bird hit the plane and it needs some repairs. Definitely don’t want to fly on a busted plane.

I take out my iPad. I am really glad to have it with me. I can do everything I need to do on my phone, but it’s just a little easier with the iPad.

I book another night at the Hyatt. I am thankful that a room is available because it would really be a drag to have to decide on a new, different hotel. I book Cotongna for dinner. It is the sister restaurant to Quince, where Nicholas works, and it is right next door. Nicholas is not allowed to make reservations at either restaurant without going through his boss. I text him what has happened and that we are going to eat at Cotongna tonight, but I won’t say that he is our son. He texts back that it is fine, since he is not eating with us and in fact we should tell them he is our son. He says maybe they will let him come out to say hi, or “hook us up.”

Lunch is good, if not distracted. Zung has a club sandwich.


I have a shrimp salad.


I don not have enough clothes for another nights stay so we go shopping after lunch.

I am feeling disoriented because of the change in plans and the shopping is quick and dirty. Express and Victoria Secret’s.

We return to the hotel. Zung gets our bags and I check in. It is the same guy who checked us out less than two hours ago. We go to the room and take a nap before dinner.

Our dinner reservations are early, so it is a short nap. We dress for dinner and call for an Uber.

We get out of the car, which drops us off more in front of Quince, than Cotongna. As we walk to Cotongna we see a big window into Quince’s kitchen. I think I can see Nicholas in the back, but I don’t want to stare.

We check in at Cotongna and are seated. It has a nice casual and warm feel. We order some wine and then we order our food. I tell the waitress our son works next door at Quince and we were hoping maybe he could come say hello. She says she’ll let “them” know. I am not sure which “them” she is referring to.

Nicholas did not come out to say hi. But they “hooked us up” in a big way, and we did get to see him.


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  1. Are you not SOO PROUD of that boy!! Count Down Please Loved the blog as always, K

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  2. SOOOO totally and completely proud of my boy!

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