Breakfast with our boy, and a flu shot

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Today is our last day. We have a late flight out, so we have most of the day to enjoy some time with our boy and Union Square.

Nicholas comes over for breakfast. Our waiter was our waiter the first day. He talks a lot, and he has a heavy accent, so it is hard to understand him. He kind of rambles. We pay attention and smile though.

Breakfast is fine. Nicholas is already thinking about work and texting with his co-worker on his station. It’s like he is already there.

I wear my new boots that I got from Foot Candy in St. Helena. The heel height is good for my bum leg. It is getting better, but there is still some pain and flats are still not an option. Since it has gotten progressively better and I have decided it is probably not a deep vein thrombosis.



One of my goals for this trip was to get Nicholas a flu shot. I am all about flu vaccines. The last time I got the flu, about 23-24 years ago, I was so sick, I thought I was going to die. At one point Zung asked me if he should take me to the hospital and I said I was too sick to go to the hospital. Ever since, I have gotten a flu shot. Since Patrick has asthma, I have made everyone in the household get one. I knew Nicholas wouldn’t get one unless I made him. It’s not that he doesn’t think it’s important, it just takes some time and planning.

One of the great things about him working in the restaurant industry in California is that health insurance for restaurant workers is mandated. He has Kaiser insurance, so I spend time looking for the closest Kaiser clinic. I know in Colorado you can just show up and they will give you a flu shot, and I expect they have the same thing here. There would be no  fee for it. However, we would have to get there and I do some quick math in my head and realize that it would be cheaper to walk down the street to Walgreen’s and pay $35 for him to get a flu shot there and it will take a lot less time. So, that is what we do.

Mission accomplished. Hopefully my boy will not get sick this winter. Or at least not sick with the flu.

It has been a nice visit with him. He has to go to work, so we take a couple pics and off he goes.

DSCN2252 DSCN2254

It’s always hard to say goodbye when we don’t know when we will see him again. We are considering a trip at the end of March with some friends. That is enough to keep me from sobbing on the street corner.

Zung and I go back to the hotel. I do school work and Zung does work work. I check our flight. There is an alert about flights getting cancelled because of weather. Colorado got 10″ of snow the day before, but today the temps are in the 30’s, so we aren’t worried about any cancellations. I do notice that some flights have been cancelled, but ours is good.

We have arranged a late check out and then plan to go to Neiman Marcus restaurant for a late lunch and go to the airport at 4.

The best laid plans.



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  1. Love the boots! You are such a fashionista;)

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