Carpe Diem Wine Bar for Dinner, Schramsberg

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We visited three wineries and I bought two pairs of shoes. not a bad day. I wish they’d had the Jimmy Choos, that I liked, that were on sale, that they didn’t have in my size.

We get ready for dinner. I wear one pair of my new shoes.


The restaurant I have chosen for dinner is just a few blocks away, so we walk. In the heels. Well, I’m wearing heels. Zung is wearing cowboy boots.

Carpe Diem Wine Bar. It is crowded, noisy and has good food and good wine. We get a bottle of wine and a variety of small plates.

I don’t remember most of what these dishes were. They were all delicious and it was too much food.

DSCN2215 DSCN2216 DSCN2217

This was Quack and Cheese. OMG! Have the AED close by.







After dinner we roll ourselves back to the hotel. I observe my strictly held tradition of soaking in the freaking awesome tub and finishing the wine from dinner.

I do not sleep well. I am pretty tired in the morning.

We eat breakfast, pack and check out.

We have a members tasting at Schramsberg. It is up the mountain, on a very narrow road. Zung is driving today. It is our last day with this sweet ride.

We check in at Schramsberg and get to choose which four wines to taste. We go in the caves and it is a private tasting, just us and Betsy, our hostess.


We have three different bubbles and a Pinto Noir. We really like the Pinot Noir and order some.

There is the resident cat named Sam who has the run of the place.. Do you see the heart on his side? He is old, but he still gets the job done.



The grounds of Schramsberg are beautiful.

DSCN2226 DSCN2227 DSCN2228

The Jag is beautiful too. I wish we could take it home with us.


We leave and stop at Oakville Grocery for lunch provisions. This place has been recommended to us by a couple of friends. It is nice, but not as nice as Dean and Deluca. Actually, it is just not as large as D&D.

DSCN2230 DSCN2231 DSCN2232


I buy a split of bubbles for the ride back to San Fran. I am actually over-bubbled and only drink half. The rest sits in our hotel room fridge in San Fran until we check out. Fail.



Zung drops me off at the Hyatt (Grand, Union Square) and I check in while he returns the car.

It was nice while it lasted.


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  1. I need to get out there!! Food looks soo good! I love the picture of you in the black dress!

  2. You DO need to get out there!
    The dress is actually Navy blue. I got it from Express. Thanks!

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