Peju, Shopping in St. Helena and Robert Sinskey

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We are just finishing our lunch when we are introduced to David Donati, who will be doing our wine tasting. We ask him which wineries are his favorites. He goes and gets one of the tourist booklets called the Preiser Key that lists all the wineries and circles his favorites and writes comments. He really has gone above and beyond! He brings it to us and we chat a bit before going inside to do the tasting. David is such a nice and friendly man. He pours us all kinds of great wines and we end up joining the Peju wine club. We also buy a Coravin, which is this very cool contraption that allows you to pour a glass of wine from a  bottle without corking it. A large-bore needle goes in the cork and replaces the space with argon gas. We also bought champagne flutes.

David’s wife works for the San Francisco Giants and she’s pretty high up in the organization, so he has two World Series rings and takes them out so I can see them and he even lets me try them on.


They are huge and heavy and impressive. It is pretty cool to get to actually touch something like that.

David and Zung get to talking and he is very interested in Zung’s start-up business. We really have enjoyed our time with him and hope to get to see him again.

The wines at Peju are all very good. Between lunch and the tasting, we have gotten to taste quite a few! They have quite a variety, mostly reds, but also some whites, sparkling, even a dessert wine. It’s hard to say which one is our favorite. This was another place where my consumption of the tasting caused me to buy some pretty expensive wines. Now I have to think of even more very special occasions to justify drinking them.

We finish our visit with pictures.

This is us with David and our lunch hostess, I didn’t write it down but I think her name is Katie, don’t quote me on that though.


This is near one of their sculptures outside.


I want to do another winery, but need some time. Zung thinks we have done enough for one day, but I convince him to wait and see how we feel after doing some shopping in St. Helena.

We walk around in the different shops. They definitely cater to an older, wealthy clientele. The Woodhouse Chocolate shop, where we got such amazing chocolates last time, is closed for the week. Boo! Footcandy is open. Yay! I buy a pair of boots and a pair of shoes that are both on sale. The sales girl tells us about a yoga store down the street that has great shoes too. We go in search of it, but it is closed also. Low season.

After shopping, I am ready to do one more winery. We have a recommendation from our favorite sommelier at Frasca, Matt Mathers, to check out Robert Sinskey winery. They do not require a reservation. As a bonus, they provide us with a delightful plate of nibbles to accompany our wines. JB is our host. He used to be a chef, but wasn’t happy with the jobs he was getting so he switched to being a wine tasting host. We tell him about Nicholas and he was impressed that Nicholas got such a good job without having formal training. He told us to tell Nicholas that being a winery chef is a good job. Nicholas – consider yourself told.

DSCN2206 DSCN2207

I feel like every place we go, they pour us extra wine.


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  1. I’m starting to feel drunk reading your wine tasting blog.

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