Andaz Check-in and Cindy Pawlcyn’s Wood Grill and Wine Bar

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After our tasting at Caymus we go to our sweet ride. I get in and Zung says, “I want to take a picture of you in the car. Get out.” I look at him and ask what sense that makes?

I stay in the car, he gets out, and takes the picture. Too much wine I think. Actually, he always tastes in moderation because he is the driver.


We arrive at our hotel, Andaz. We stayed here last time and liked it a lot. We drive up and I tell Zung I am going to run in to the ladies room and will meet him in the lobby to check in. Check-in is so quick though that it is complete by the time I come out.  We have been upgraded to a room like we had last time, which is a large loft. It has no loft, so I’m not sure why that is in the name. But it is large, with a living room separated from the bedroom by a double-faced fireplace. There is also a huge soaking tub that I fell in love with last time.

We unpack. We take a nap. The hotel hosts a wine tasting at around 5 pm. When we wake up I send Zung to get some wine. It is a Cabernet that is too rough and I don’t drink it. All of the amazing wine we drink in Napa is spoiling us and making us much pickier than we used to be.

We have dinner at 7 pm at Cindy Pawlcyn’s Wood Grill and Wine Bar. Cindy has three restaurants in the area. I can’t remember why I chose this one, but I will cut right to the chase. It was not the right one to choose. I’m not entirely sure there is a right one, because we tried the original on a later trip and were not wowed by that one either. At any rate, the one we ate at this night has closed.

We order a bottle of Jelly Jar Zinfandel. Our waiter says it is good and I like the name. It is good.

Zung gets the lentil soup. He says it is okay. Nothing to really written home about.


I get the Chowder Clams. The description sounds good, but they are not very good at all. They are kind of like a very thick clam chowder on a clam shell and they are kind of fishy tasting.



Zung gets a steak, which he says is good.


I get short ribs, which are not good. They are however presented nicely.



My big problem with short ribs is that Zung makes an outstanding short rib recipe and most competitors don’t measure up.

Dessert is unimpressive too. It’s an apple pie type dish. Not bad, just that “not bad” is the best thing we can say about it.


We take the rest of the wine back to the room and I soak in the tub, drink wine and eat potato chips. Which must not have been a good combo because I do not sleep well.

Good night’s sleep or not, there is more wine to be tasted, and we have a full day tomorrow.



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  1. Great picture of you in the car, but you should have gotten out. The lighting was perfect. Like something out of a Maxfied Parrish painting. 🙂

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