Jaguars and Caymus

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I don’t like San Francisco. Some people are surprised, shocked, even horrified when I say that. Some people take it personally (you know who you are). But my son lives here and I love my son, so I have to come to San Francisco. Unfortunately, his work schedule doesn’t allow him a lot of time off. We were thrilled to have two whole days in a row. He will be off again on Sunday (today is Friday). Today we are going to Napa. Going to Napa is my reward for spending time in San Francisco. I love Napa. I love Napa as much as I love Mexico.

Nicholas sleeps in today, so we don’t get to see him. We eat breakfast at the buffet again. Zung wants to get some shirts from Macy’s. He says all of his have holes in them, which begs the question, why did you not bring the ones without holes? Men…you can’t live with them … and you can’t understand them

We go to Macy’s. He goes to Macy’s Men and I go to Macy’s (which I guess is the same thing as Macy’s for Women, but it doesn’t say so). I get an infinity scarf and a pair of gloves. We go back to the hotel and Enterprise picks Zung up to go get the rental car. We are renting a Jaguar. We looked at renting a “fun” car when we were here in October, but it was too expensive. This time we need it for less days and it is part of Zung’s Christmas present. He’s 66, how much “stuff” does he need? Other than shirts without holes apparently.

When he leaves, he leaves up the Do Not Disturb sign AND tells the maid that I am still in the room. She still knocks and then comes in. WTH?

Zung takes a very long time. There was some confusion and they took him to the regular Enterprise and did all the paperwork and then when he saw the car (a sedan or compact, I can’t remember, but clearly not a Jaguar) he said, Uhhhhh. They get it figured out, but the Jaguar is at the fancy car Enterprise, so they have to take him over there and he has to do the paperwork all over again. He calls to tell me this and says he is on his way, so I check out and wait out front for him.

The car is SWEET.

He is prepared and has brought his driving gloves.


We drive to Napa. It is not as bad a drive as it was in October. October is a much busier season than two days into the new year. Zung says the Jag is very nice to drive. We make good time and have plenty of time for lunch before our tasting appointment this afternoon.

We eat at Morimoto in downtown Napa. The food is fine. Nothing spectacular, but good.

I start with salad.



Zung starts with soup.



I am wearing my new infinity scarf.

DSCN2143 DSCN2144

I get a Banh Mi, which is a Vietnamese sandwich. I have had better versions of it.



Zung has a Bento box.



Our tasting appointment is at 3 pm at Caymus Vineyards.

DSCN2147 DSCN2148


It is a seated tasting. When we arrive they pour us a glass of something white and tell us to wait outside. It is gorgeous outside. We sit in some rocking chairs and could sit there all day.

DSCN2149 DSCN2150

They come get us and take us to this room with a big table and there are about 8-10 of us. There are glasses set out and plates with cheese and a breadstick and almonds and a piece of chocolate, and a bottle of water. It is a very nice presentation.



Our host is like everyone else in the wine industry in Napa, happy.



He tells us all about the wines and the history of the winery and the family that owns it. These are always interesting and colorful stories.


We buy some wine and call our first tasting of the trip a success.


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