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We arrived to pouring rain. Really heavy rain. It did not let up for quite a while. Had a nice dinner at L’Atelier. Saw Heidi (Sassypants) and Luis and Dawn and Steve.  Daniel made me my special drinks. The weather has improved. Rick (MadMaya) came and spent the day with us. It was so great spending time with these people I felt like I knew but had never met. Ate at the new Mexican restaurant last night which is located in Las Brisa. It was SO good! And we had the happiest waiter in the world. They have put in lots of new cabanas around the pool. They put a notice with you check in papers that there is no chair saving but it has not been an issue on the beach so I don’t know if they are enforcing this. They do know it has been an issue. The weather has been better than expected. Not sunny, but good tanning weather.


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  1. Dear Andrea, I`ve just checked your report LIVE from the GRAND.
    How is the new mexican restaurant? Can we hear something regarding the menu? What about some pictures?
    Greetings from Germany, Baltic Coast
    Rudy and Ruth (really existing!)

    1. Hi Rudy! We really liked the Mexican restaurant. The menu is on my menus and maps page. I’ll post some pictures when I get home. They are on the camera and I can’t get them to the iPad. Do you have another trip planned?

  2. Hi Andrea, perfect, muchas gracias para servicio. Just coming from beach, 25 Celsius, but very cold water……
    Yes, we will return to the Grand, absolutely……But our flight is a little bit longer, next year we are going to a cruise (southern caribbean islands) and then to Punta Cana, we have also there one of our favorite Hotel spots.

  3. Glad the weather cleared up for you. I had two good meals at the Mexican and the same waiter, Humberto, both times who recommended the dishes and was always walking around singing and dancing with the band he made the meal even better.

    1. Cool coincidence. I liked him a lot, and he made great suggestions that I may not have tried otherwise.

  4. Thanks for posting a live from I was checking tripadvisor for an update but then just checked your blog and saw it here! Can’t wait to try the New Mexican restaurant any favorites or reccomendations for food there?

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