Sons and Daughters for dinner

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We take an Uber back to the Hyatt. Nicholas takes the opportunity of having access to a workout facility to get in some exercise. I go to Union Square to look for shoes again. Zung goes with me. There is a huge DSW (aka the shoe temple) but I can’t find anything that I want to spend money on. We go to Macy’s and I finally find something there and they are different from anything I have. Sorry, no picture.

Nicholas goes back to his place because we are going to Sons and Daughters for dinner tonight. It is a Michelin Starred (one) restaurant and he intends to be well dressed. Zung and I get ready as well.

I got this dress on sale at Cache. I like it because I can wear it to work and out to a nice restaurant for dinner.



The restaurant is close by, so we choose to walk. Zung doesn’t want to walk through the tunnel so we make a left and then there’s this HUGE hill we have to walk up. The kind that San Francisco is known for.


Are you freaking kidding me? Look at that hill and then go back and look at my heels. I hiked up that hill in four inch heels. I know it probably defies the laws of physics, but I was certain that if we had gone through the tunnel, we would not have had to walk up such a huge hill.

We arrive at the restaurant before Nicholas does. It is tiny. We are seated by the front window, which is also by the front door. Nicholas is late (now there’s a surprise – NOT!). He looks nice though. He’s like me, he really likes to get dressed up when an opportunity presents itself.

The boy cleans up nicely.

DSCN2127 DSCN2128


There is only one tasting menu. We order the wine pairings to go with it.

There is a couple sitting at the table next to us, a young woman and much older guy. I know my guy is older, but this dude was a lot older. I can tell from their conversation that they are engaged. They leave shortly after we arrive and go out to the street to wait for a taxi. They start making out. It is creepy. It is like he wants everyone to know she is his, in THAT way. Yuck. You can tell when a couple is doing that because they are oblivious to everyone around them and when they are doing it because they want everyone to see them doing it. This was definitely the exhibitionist variety. PDA’s like that are never dignified and I was relieved when their taxi finally arrived.

The food starts arriving and it is amazing. The service is impeccable. I do not know how both this and the restaurant from lunch can both be considered Michelin one stars. This restaurant far surpasses the one from lunch.

They liked to serve things on rocks. I wonder how you clean a rock?

Not sure what this was, some crispy, puffy thing. Those are culinary terms, in case you’re not familiar with them.


This is Marin dungeness crab with radish and turnip.


There were several bread courses. They were good, but it was too much.


The beets are the big surprise. I’ve never had beets in my life. It’s just one of those foods I am sure I won’t like. These were amazing. Roasted baby beets with Vadouvan spices and fresh herbs.


The soup is celery root with smoked breads and kohlrabi. I don’t think I will like it much, but it is really tasty.



I forget to take this picture until we are halfway through it. It is sweetbreads with sunchoke and kale. I do not like this very much. I try it, but I don’t like the texture. I have issues with texture.



Squab with roasted cauliflower and currant. Really good, but I am getting full.


Pretzel bread.


Citrus curd with satsuma and kumquat. This is outstanding and if it had been the last thing, I would have been happy. It was nice and light and delicious.


The final course is cheesecake with blood orange and olive oil. It is good, but a little too heavy after all the food we have eaten and wine we have drunk.



I have mentioned to our server that Nicholas works at Quince and they chat. They give us a friends and family discount, which blows me away. Our server then goes to get the chef to meet Nicholas. Nicholas tells him how impressed he is with the food. He said he had high expectations and they were exceeded.

Dinner has taken three hours. It is late and we are full and tired. Even though we are only a couple blocks from the hotel, we call for an Uber. I am not walking down that hill in 4 inch heels.

I will not be posting regularly for the next week and a half. We leave for Mexico tomorrow. We are celebrating our 35th anniversary and meeting friends. Some of them we have met before (Tami, Tom, Steph and Dan – Tami is turning 50) and some we will be meeting for the first time. The weather forecast is not good at all, so it will be nice to have lots of people to hang out with it the forecast holds true. If it doesn’t, I plan to get my tan on.

I’ll try to post live a few times.


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  1. Hope you have a fabulous time regardless of the weather.

  2. Planning on it, regardless of the weather. Thanks!

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