Cosmic Convergences

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Thursday morning Zung took some Zungrise pictures.

DSCN2076 DSCN2077

Our room package included breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. It was the breakfast buffet and you could also order eggs cooked fresh. After breakfast we did some shopping. We went to Joe’s Jeans, where I had bought a pair of jeans in October, which I loved and were comfortable. However, what made them so comfortable was a generous amount of spandex and the threads were breaking and showing. They exchanged them for me. Unfortunately, the new pair is doing the same thing.

Afterwards we shop for shoes for me.


I only brought one pair of shoes with a heel that is appropriate for walking and they are not super comfortable for a full day of walking. I am still having the strange pain in my calf. I am worried that it could be a deep vein thrombosis, which is pretty serious. My general philosophy on physical ailments is that if you ignore it, it usually goes away. Usually I am correct. While I was waiting though, my flats I had packed for day time walking were of no use to me.

I didn’t need a high heel. Two inches seemed to do the trick. I check a couple of stores and then go to Macy’s and try a few pairs on there. I don’t find anything that is both comfortable and that I want to buy.

Nicholas texts us that he is on his way to meet us. We are having lunch at the restaurant across the street from our hotel, Compton Place, with my nephew Erik. Erik is going to graduate school at Stanford on a Pat Tillman scholarship. He was a Green Beret and now is trying to decide what new adventures he wants to live. He said something about finding a sugar mama, but he might have been kidding. Maybe not though. You never know.



The restaurant is a Michelin one star and while the food is good (although, for some reason I didn’t take any pictures of it), the service is uneven. The kept giving the wrong food to the wrong person.

We are seated and they bring by a cart with champagne and ask if we want any. I order a glass, which turns out to be $38 for just one glass. There was a card with prices, but I didn’t look closely enough at it. It was good champagne, but not THAT good.

We have a nice visit with Erik. It is a nice leisurely lunch. I have made a 2 pm reservation for us to do a tour of a place on the embarcadero that makes chocolate. I try to wrap up lunch, but Nicholas won’t be rushed. He has issues with control over time. I attribute it to the fact that when he was born I had a scheduled C-Section, a week before his due date. He must have felt rushed and has spent the rest of his life letting us know it won’t ever happen again.

We say good-bye to Erik and get an Uber to Pier 17. We arrive just in time to miss the tour. I am really disappointed. Zung buys some chocolate and I sit outside and pout. Nicholas suggests that we walk down to the Ferry building.

We take some pictures along the way.

DSCN2082 DSCN2083 DSCN2084 DSCN2085 DSCN2086 DSCN2087 DSCN2088 DSCN2089 DSCN2091


DSCN2092 DSCN2093 DSCN2094 DSCN2096 DSCN2097

We finally arrive at the Ferry building. It is filled with food shops and restaurants.

DSCN2100Oh yea, and a place that sold hats.

DSCN2105 DSCN2106

There was a little grocery store that had a brussels sprouts stalk. I didn’t know that’s how they grew!


They had a variety of colors of cauliflower.

DSCN2102 DSCN2103 DSCN2104Who knew?!

The Ferry building is really quite cool. I can imagine coming here all the time if I lived here.

We came upon the wine store/bar and I said, let’s go in here! As we walked in I noticed this woman come running from behind the counter and I thought, she’s anxious to see someone. Imagine my surprise when she threw her arms around my husband! It was Shannon, a server who used to work at Frasca Food and Wine, our favorite restaurant in Colorado. We knew she was moving to San Francisco close to the same time that Nicholas was. She had a job at Benú, another Michelin starred restaurant. She worked here at the wine place on her days off, and the restaurant was closed this first week of January. It seemed so random running into her.


I actually believe few things in life are random, but rather often a cosmic convergence. I told Nicholas he should text her. She is super cute and she also could possibly help him find a more permanent place to live. He didn’t listen to his mama though. Silly boy. This was a serious cosmic convergence. Just missing the chocolate tour, and of all the people in San Francisco (one million), we run into someone we knew from Colorado, who worked in the same industry as Nicholas. Coincidence? I think not.

Although I was very disappointed to miss the chocolate tour, I would have to say the Ferry building is definitely a place to visit when you are in San Francisco.




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