Le Colonial for New Year’s Dinner

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When we get back to the hotel we have a while before dinner, so we go to the bar to have a drink. It is crowded. We sit at the bar. Nicholas sees one of the servers from Quince (where he works). Last night was a late night for both of them. The server was there even later than Nicholas.

I get another vanilla mojito.


Nicholas asks the bartender if he can get a half an order of wings. The bartender tells him no. Then he says he’ll check. He never tells him, but all of a sudden a half order appears.

We go upstairs to our room to change for dinner. Nicholas is not happy with how he is dressed, but there is not time for him to go home and change. Zung loans him a white shirt. I tell him a white shirt dresses up any outfit. Nicholas doesn’t buy it. It is what it is though.

The restaurant is only about 3-4 blocks away, so we walk. I am wearing my Christian Louboutins. That might sound uncomfortable but I still have that excruciating pain in my calf and heels are way more comfortable than flats. The perfect affliction for me.

We find the restaurant and have a good meal, but the portions are huge. We have a nice Zinfandel. I never drank Zins until about 6 or 7 months ago. Now they are one of my favorite varietals.

Here are pictures of our food. I can’t remember what everything is.

Cha Gio – Vietnamese rolls.

IMG_0064 IMG_0065


IMG_0066 IMG_0068

Fried rice.


Lamb chops.

IMG_0071 IMG_0072

This was back by the restrooms. I ask, and it doesn’t actually work. These used to be in every restaurant and gas station.

IMG_0073  IMG_0077 IMG_0081

All of a sudden, I hit the wall and am exhausted. We pass on dessert and walk back to the hotel.

The Christmas tree in Union Square is beautiful.



We wait to cross, where there are trolley tracks, and there is this loud clicking sound.  It was a little surreal. There would be no trolley cars, but it sounded like there was.

We say good-night to Nicholas and go up to our room. I finish the wine and am asleep before my head hits the pillow. It has been a long day.



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