Checking-in and finding food

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I am wearing heels. Booties with heels. The ones I bought when I was here in October. They look awesome. I cannot wear flats. Something is wrong with my leg. Last night, all of a sudden, I experienced an excruciating pain in my calf. When I walk on it flat-footed, it hurts like hell. If I go up on my toes, it is bearable. So, I wear heels. Good thing I am used to them.

It crosses my mind that I may have a deep vein thrombosis. But I push that thought way in the back of mind mind. A serious medical problem is not on my agenda for this vacation. I won’t keep you in suspense. I did not have anything serious, although the pain continued for the entire trip.

We make our way to baggage claim and call for an Uber. If you don’t know what Uber is, google it. It is the most awesome thing ever. Our driver is really friendly. He is from Egypt and he loves living in the San Francisco/Bay area. He is bringing his family (wife, son and teenaged daughter) over from Egypt soon. He says he will have us over for dinner the next time we visit.

The city is quiet this early on New Year’s Day. He said it was crazy busy in the hours after midnight. People were in the streets, there were fireworks by the water. I don’t remember New Year’s Eve fireworks when I was a kid. I wonder when that got common?

We arrive at the Hyatt. They open the car door and say, “Welcome to the Grand.” What? Don’t try to confuse me. This is not the Grand. At least not MY Grand. Our check-in is quick and this time they know how many days we are staying and that we will be coming back in a couple days. By the end of this trip, we will have checked-in three times. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Our room is ready. It has a nice city view. And it is just as small as it was last time.



We are hungry, so we go in search of food. Although it is a weekday they re still serving breakfast until 2 pm because it is New Year’s Day. We peek into the bar, but Jaime, the bartender is not there, so we sit in the main dining room. It is crowded, but we only have a short wait before we are seated. Then follows a long wait before our waiter comes by. There are other waiters just standing around, as is the maître de. It is so different from Mexico or Frasca where it is everyone’s job to make sure the guest is attended to.

Finally a busser comes over and pours Zung coffee and I order a Mimosa. It takes a long time to arrive. Even after we finally got to order our food.



There is another long wait for our waiter. There is a buffet, but we want to order from the menu. Besides, the buffet is crazy expensive. I order the maple bacon eggs benedict. It is good, but not quite as good as it sounds.


Zung doesn’t know how to eat anything other than an omelet. This one has crab in it and hollandaise on it.


Thankfully, the food takes less time to arrive than it took to order it. Our waiter comes by to see how the food is. He is chatty, but has a very heavy accent and I am having trouble understanding him. I don’t want to keep asking him to repeat himself, so I just smile.

I text Nicholas at 11, but he doesn’t reply. I text him again at noon. He is finally up. Sort of. He is hungry!

I look out of the window and am amazed at how quickly the streets have filled with people. It was so deserted when we arrived.

Zung is tired, so we go back to the room so he can nap. Nicholas texts me when he arrives and comes up to the room. Zung has a conference call at 2. Nicholas and I go back to the restaurant so he can eat. He wants the eggs benedict. It is ten before two and they won’t make it (WTF?). They will make the omelet, so he orders that. He likes it. I order a vanilla mojito.

Then we have the, what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do? conversation.

New Year’s Day in San Francisco.



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