New Year’s in San Fran

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you will probably remember my Christmas post of how Nicholas surprised us by coming home for Christmas. If you are new to my blog, Nicholas is my 28-year-old son who moved to San Francisco last August to take his chef skills to a new level. It was going to be the first Christmas that one of our children was not home and I was not at all happy about it. It will most surely go down as the best Christmas surprise ever. If you haven’t read it and want to, go to the archives and look up December 2013.

On December 26th we said goodbye to him. Goodbye, and we’ll see you next week. When he told us he couldn’t come home for Christmas we told him we would come out to see him right before or right after Christmas and he told us he had a couple of days off for New Year’s. He also gets Sundays off, so we planned and booked a trip that would have us arriving early New Year’s Day and leaving the following Monday. We would spend January 1st and 2nd with him, go to Napa for a couple of nights and then return to San Francisco to spend Sunday with him, and then go home Monday. What is it they say about the best laid plans?

We went to Sushi Sasa for dinner and these are my three bunnies afterwards, before we took Nicholas to the airport. I love this picture.



I got my hair cut a few days before New Year’s Eve. I worked the day of New Year’s Eve. We had dinner reservations at Frasca Food and Wine. Our original reservations were for the late seating and we planned to spend the night at the St. Julien in Boulder. When we booked the trip to San Fran we booked an early flight. A really early flight. which was not compatible with a late New Year’s Eve.  We asked Frasca if we could move our reservations to the early seating, which they graciously allowed us to do. Go to the Archives, August 2013 for my report of one of our awesome dinners at Frasca, which is THE best restaurant in Colorado.

New Year’s Eve: I got done with work early enough to go to the gym for a workout. Our Frasca reservations were at 5:30. We started out with some bubbles.


Matt Mather, the director of Frasca’s wine program (which won the James Beard Award for Best Wine Service in the country in 2013), always recommends an amazing wine. After the bubbles, we moved on to a lovely red.



We had an amazing dinner, as always. We went home and finished packing and I’m pretty sure we were in bed by 10. We were not going to ring in the New Year because we had to be up at 4 am.

Wednesday morning: We are out the door by 6:11 am. Not bad. It is only 11 minutes after our EDT (estimated time of departure). It starts snowing on the way to the airport. I hate flights that have to take off in the snow. I hope that de-icing stuff works.

We park inside the garage. There is a very long walk to a very crowded check-in. Who ARE these people who are traveling so early on New Year’s Day? Don’t they know that they are supposed to be home in their warm beds after a late night of partying?

There had been a story on the news recently about people who got stuck in a long Frontier check-in line and missed their flight to Mexico. I think it happened on Christmas day. These long lines always make me grateful to be traveling with Zung and his Summit/Ascent status. It lets us go in the short check-in line, bypass the long security line and board first.

We get checked in quickly. We get through security quickly. Unfortunately, even with all this quickness there is not enough time for breakfast at Chef Jimmy’s, so we just get some croissants from Caribou Coffee. We will have proper breakfast once we arrive in San Fran.

We board and settle ourselves into our Stretch Seating seats (also a perk of traveling with an Summit/Ascent member).

Once everyone is on the plane we have to get de-iced. There is a long period of time after we get de-iced, BEFORE we actually take off. This worries me, being the recovering fearful flyer that I am. I wonder what the expiration period for de-icing is. It’s all good though.

Our seat mate is chatty. He is moving from the Bay area to Cincinatti. I want to ask, for heaven’s sake, WHY? He tells us it is cheaper (to which I want to reply, there’s a reason for that) and it is closer to family. Well, if you want to be closer to family, that’s important.

Beverage service comes around and I ask for hot chocolate to go with my croissant. It is too intense and I don’t drink much of it. (Really wish I had just gone with the Screw Driver I was thinking of).

I put my ear buds in and listen to my audio book on my iPad. I keep dozing off and have to rewind it and listen again.

About 15-20 minutes before we land, a kid on the plane is having a meltdown. It is not a baby, because this kid can articulate his unhappiness, between shrieks of unhappiness. I am so happy to get off the plane once it lands.

Let the next vacation adventure begin!



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